27 Items That Will Take Your Laziness To Another Level

You need these awesome items to perfect the Art of Doing Nothing.

#1. Because sitting up to read or watch TV is way too much work.


Get the Lazy Glasses here for $9.43.

#2. The remote control of your dreams.


Get the Universal Pillow Remote here for $19.99.

#3. Because remembering stuff can be hard work.


Get the Glowing Memo Alarm Clock here for $20.

#4. Because eating pizza is just not enough.

Cafe Press

Get it here for $158.

#5. Because painting nails is hard work.


Get the Spill-Proof Nail Polish Holder here for $9.99.

#6. So you don’t hurt your ears when you’re lying in bed.


Get the Bedphones here for $59.95.

#7. So no one will ever disturb your hibernation.

Privacy Pop

Get it here for $129.99.

#8. An apple pie blanket is as heavenly as it sounds.

Beloved Shirts

Get it here for $49.95.

#9. Cuddles without the annoyance.


Get the Comfort U Total Body Support Pillow here for $99.95.

#10. Stargaze without the extra effort of going outside.


Get the Aurora Night Sky Projector here for $102.