27 Makeup Hacks Every Busy Girl Needs To Know

<h3#>1. The 3 angles you need to know to shape the perfect brow

When you're shaping your eyebrows, keep in mind these three angles.

#2. How to apply false lashes

False eyelashes are kind of terrifying if you don't know how to apply them properly.

#3. How to make your lashes extra long & thick with mascara

Or, you could go the daily route with mascara. Here's how to make your lashes look extra long and thick.

#4. The right type of mascara wand

No matter how you do your lashes, first make sure you're using the right type of wand for what you want.

#5. How to tight-line your eyes

Or, you could tightline your eyes instead.

#6. How to make the perfect winged eyeliner

Winged eyeliner is a whole lot easier with this trick.

#7. The perfect makeup for your eye shape

Everyone has a different eye shape. Check out this chart for the best way to apply makeup for your eyes.

#8. How to find the foundation color that matches your undertone

Knowing your undertone will help you find makeup colors that really suit you.

#9. Match your foundation with your skin type

Finding the perfect foundation for your skin type is made easy with this chart.

#10. Apply blush according to the shape of your face

When you're applying blush, consider the shape of your face.

#11. The different types of face brushes and their uses

Face brushes come with pretty specific purposes.

#12. Pick the right eye shadow brush

So do eyeshadow brushes.

#13. How to clean those brushes

And here's how to actually clean all of those brushes.

#14. How to clean sponges

Maybe you're more of a sponge person. Here's how to clean those.

#15. Picking the right color correctors

Concealers and color correctors come in all kinds of shades. This chart shows what they actually do.

#16. How to use a concealer

When you've got a massive pimple that needs concealing, follow these steps.