27 Times Teachers Won At Life

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1. Teaching can be a bit tedious at times.

2. And teachers might want to take a break from seeing their students and their paperwork (understandably).

3. So how about we celebrate those teachers who still find joy in their work? Like this creative-writing teacher who gave their class a list of potential children’s book titles to avoid.

4. This math teacher who proved that you can use algebra for some festive problem solving.

5. This teacher who knows it’s important to appreciate the kids’ parents.

6. This science teacher who will not deviate from the main point.

“Impress her by talking about how atmospheric nitrogen can be used to age artifacts. Works for me every time.”

7. This teacher who has waaaaaay too much fun writing long emails.

8. This teacher who doesn’t think bubble letters are evil.

9. This teacher who uses her powers to the fullest.

10. This teacher who rewards independent thinking.

11. This music teacher who was so nice, they gave their students an exception to the rule.

12. This teacher who can #Burn #Real #Good…

13. This teacher who gave her students a really sweet message.

14. This maths teacher who made sure that no one ever stole their pencils again.

15. The teacher who made “quiz shaming” a thing.

16. The teacher who possibly gave their students severe panic attacks.

17. This teacher who assumed that students know Tolkien.

18. The chemistry teacher who was unimpressed by teenage romance.

19. The psychology teacher who found a glitch in the matrix.

20. The teacher who taught his students about integrity in the best way possible.

21. This teacher who thinks that Yo Momma jokes are still funny.

22. This teacher who offered a valuable life lesson.

23. This history teacher who used “F” words to teach their students about history and misquotation.

24. This teacher who knows a thing or two about ninjas.

25. Teacher Lili:), who knows exactly what’s up.

26. The passive-aggressive teacher who made sure Josh didn’t leave empty-handed.

27. This English teacher who took method acting to a whole ‘nother level.