28 Animals Who Know That Humans Make The Best Pillows

#1. Babies are soft, sweet, and perfect for afternoon naps.

#2. The best car pillow ever — and it’s not inflatable!

#3. The ergonomic chin rest. Designed for every dog’s maximum comfort.

#4. Another example of the ergonomically designed human face for pet naps.

#4. The new and improved human cat bed — now with a hair carpet to keep you warm all winter!

#5. New arrival! A pillow roll with a built-in 3:00 AM alarm.

#6. Curl up with a cushy body pillow. Get free cookies and milk, too.

#7. This U-shaped pillow comes with a built-in warmer.

#8. A multi-purpose lounge chair.

#9. A puppy bed with lock guards to keep young canines from falling off.

#10. The otter bed with automatic hand warmers.

#11. The cat recliner with a 360° swivel.

#12. The cat bed with an adjustable head rest.

#13. A dog lounge chair with a tummy massager.

#14. The feline happy bed with a pocket for your fluffy tail.

#15. A memory foam mattress made for cute cats only.

#16. A comfy head pillow with a baby powder scent.

#17. A state-of-the-art cat bed with entertainment system.

#18. A dog bed with a limited edition headboard.

#19. The portable kitten cuddler.

#20. A dog bed with pillow divider.

#21. The kittie arm chair that reclines into a full bed.

#22. This cat bed is fitted with a twin mattress.

#23. Another human bed with a special chin rest.

#24. The cat travel bed. Purr-fect for long drives.

#25. A hi-tech doggie headrest for the social media star.

#26. Another plushy cat pillow.

#27.  This travel pillow might be comfortable but you have to use it at your own risk.

#28. The ultimate cat bolster pillow.