28 Incredible Game Of Thrones Filming Locations Every Fan Needs To Visit

It’s an undisputed fact that HBO filmed Game of Thrones in some of the most epic locations ever seen on screen. The world of ice and fire is set in the two fictitious continents of Westeros and Essos, which are shot in gorgeous locations scattered throughout Europe and North Africa.

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Lawrence of Morocco, a travel agency based in Morocco (where some Essos scenes were filmed) have put together this detailed map of every single Game of Thrones filming location — enough to send most of us into a tizzy.

And here’s a closer look, guaranteed to make our thirsty fan hearts want to jump on a plane and go on an epic Game of Thrones location tour.

#1. King’s Landing – Dubrovnik, Croatia.

#2. King’s Landing – Ston, Croatia.

#3. King’s Landing Gate – Mdina, Malta.

#4. The road to King’s Landing – Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland.

#5. The Red Keep – Fort Lovrijenac, Dubrovnik, Croatia.

#7. The Red Keep – San Anton Palace, Malta.

#8. Winterfell – Doune Castle, Scotland.

#9. Jon Snow and Ygritte’s love cave – Grjótagjá Cave, Iceland.

#10. Daenerys and Khal Drogo’s wedding – Azure Window, Malta.

#11. Braavos – Sibenik, Croatia.

#12. Yunkai and Pentos – Ait Benhaddou, Morocco.

#13. Meereen – Kliss Fortress, Croatia.

#14. Royal Palace of Dorne – Real Alcázar Palace, Seville, Spain.

#15. The Iron Islands – Murlough Bay, Northern Ireland.

#16. The Burning of the Seven – Mussenden, Northern Ireland.

#17. Wildling camp – Dimmuborgir, Iceland.

#18. North of the Wall – Vatnajokull, Iceland.

#19. The Great Sept of Baelor – Fort Manoel, Malta.

#20. Lordsport – Ballintoy Harbour, Northern Ireland.

#21. Pentos – Ouarzazate, Morocco.

#22. Astapor – Essaouira, Morocco.

#23. The Long Bride of Volantis – The Roman Bridge, Cordoba, Spain.

#24. Danzak’s Fighting Pit – Plaza de Toros De Osuna, Spain.

#25. Stormlands – Cushendun Caves, Northern Ireland.

#26. Stormlands – Larrybane Quarry, Northern Ireland.

#27. Entrace to the House of the Undying – The Minceta Tower, Dubrovnik, Croatia.

#28. North of the Wall – Lake Myvatn, Iceland.