33 Of The Most Amazing Burgers To Have Ever Graced This Earth

A good burger is like art: There to be appreciated, revered, savoured and experienced. That first mouth-watering bite into the tender meat, the soft bread, onions crunching and sauce oozing… Simply glorious.

Indeed, for the French artist duo Quentin and Thomas, burgers are much more than just a meal. The “two hungry guys” are the founders of Fat & Furious Burger: a website dedicated to all things burgerlicious.

I think you’ll agree that their work is simply amazing:

1. The Armstrong Burger

The Armstrong Burger

2. The Pizza Mutant Ninja Burger

The Pizza Mutant Ninja Burger

3. The Blue Burger

The Blue Burger

#4. The Beerger


5. The Burger d’amour

The Burger d’amour

6. The UFO Burger

The UFO Burger

7. The Mystery Box Burger

The Mystery Box Burger

8. The Burguerre

The Burguerre

9. The Heat Wave

The Heat Wave

10. The Crabzilla

The Crabzilla

11. The Chef Burger

The Chef Burger

12. The Burgrill

The Burgrill

13. A Burger To Feed Them All


14. Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Burger

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Burger

15. The Excaliburger

The Excaliburger

16. The Game Over Burger

The Game Over Burger

17. The Go Green Burger

The Go Green Burger

18. The Halloween brrrger

The Halloween brrrger

19. The Ocean Burger

The Ocean Burger

20. The Pepper Burger

The Pepper Burger

21. The Piña Burger

The Piña Burger

22. The End Burger

The End Burger

23. My name is Bun, James Bun

My name is Bun, James Bun

24. The Baby Bottle Burger

The Baby Bottle Burger

25. The Burgirl

The Burgirl

26. The Merry Cheesemas!

The Merry Cheesemas!

27. The Happy Birthger!

The Happy Birthger!

28. The Smurf Burger

The Smurf Burger

29. The White On White Burger

The White On White Burger

30. The Marie Antoinette Burger

The Marie Antoinette Burger

31. The Fricocotte Burger

The Fricocotte Burger

32. The Yin Yang Burger

The Yin Yang Burger

33. The Taj Burger


Hungry? We are!