33 Photos Of Parents And Their Kids That Prove Genetics Is Awesome

You know you’re at a family reunion when you hear the following words every couple of minutes: “Oh you look so much like *insert family member here* when they were your age!”

Despite being annoying, sometimes your Aunt Martha’s observations are spot on. And here’s the proof:

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#1. This little girl looks EXACTLY like her dad as a baby.

#2. Grandmother And Granddaughter. It’s almost the same picture.

#3. This father is probably a time traveler.

#4. You’ve gotta love the details in this, especially the cropped-out plaid-sleeved arm. Hilarious.

#5. Father and son share the same wide-eyed baby stare. Awwww.

#6. I don’t care what anyone says, this girl is definitely her mother’s clone.

#7. Another father and daughter combo.

#8. Father and son, or Photoshop? My brain is confused.

#9. Father and son…and son.

#10. Granddaughter inherits her granny’s smile.

#11. Mother and daughter…are you sure it’s not the same person?

#12. This girl is her mom’s twin.

#13. The Stonehenge looks different, but the girls posing are almost identical.

#14. Three generations of lookalikes!

#15. His daughter looks like him as a baby, but with a wig on.

#16. This baby’s probably going to look as beautiful as her mom and grandma.

#17. Dad passes to his son the exact same smile.

#18. This son has his dad’s smile too.

#19. Mother = straight fringe and curly hair; daughter = curly fringe and straight hair. I see what you did there.

#20. Father and daughter.

#21. Mother and daughter share the same hobby…and face.

#22. Mom and daughter are both Cabbage Patch cuties.

#23. Father and son. Same age, same shirt.

#24. The patterned backgrounds are a nice touch.

#25. They’ve finally made human cloning possible.

#26. Mother and daughter were both equally adorable babies.

#27. This family has the gene for good looks.

#28. Great grandfather reincarnated as his great grandson? Probably.

#29. This baby boy takes after mommy.

#30. Mom and her son make a ridiculously attractive family.

#31. No way. That’s the same baby. Someone’s cheating. Right?

#32. Son is an upgraded version of dad, and so is his vehicle.

#33. Mom and daughter are the original hipsters: they did the baby bump photo before it was cool.