36 Dumbest Things Ever Said Online


  1. Ahh Stupidity… it never gets old nor stupid enough :’)

  2. Lmao, somone please help these stupid stupid people. Seriously that one about pluto wtf?

    • To be fair some of these, in my opinion, are quite obviously meant to be sarcastic and I think that was one of them. The Stonehenge one reeks of baiting too.

  3. ahhhhhhh just made me want to go up in their face and shout sense into their face

    • Yeah the one question that actually had some merit was when he asked if it snowed in Japan. How the fuck is he supposed to know about if it does or not? It does. But why is that on this list?

    • Jake Stanek Lauber looks like he has a damned pc so guess the idiot could have googled it

  4. Guys, we are running out of gravity. PEOPLE ON EARTH IS TAKING ADVANTAGES OF OUR LIMITED SUPPLY OF GRAVITY and we need to do something about it or else it would run out! >:(

  5. and some of them get to elect the US president – who get’s the trigger code to nuclear weapons – reallyyy scary 🙁

  6. A lot of these looked faked/intentional, but if it’s not, im at a loss for words

  7. A lady gave birth to 11 babies. If it took 18 months for twins to be born, then that lady was pregnant for 8 years.

  8. That cab a baby get pregnant and why didn’t the film crew stop to help rge titanic had me rolling, and then wanting to throw textbooks at them