36 People Who Are Definitely Having A Worse Monday Than You

If you thought your day was rough, then you are definitely not the only one.

1. Whoever has to stack all these items back up for lousy minimum wage

2. This person who will have to get in their car from the other side for a while


3. This driver who clearly doesn’t have the hang of driving

4. This unlucky guy experiencing firsthand the bad end of a deal

5. This person who’s clearly going to be late for work


6. The owner of this car that’s being taken over by a swarm of insects

7. This person who just got the interior of their car done #art #diy


8. This person who’s having a crappier day than you are

9. This human who is expressing interest in becoming a neapolitan ice cream


10. This woman who is tired of being the butt of life’s jokes

11. This person who will have to figure out a way to break into their own home


12. This person who should probably keep an eye on his neighbors

13. This person who clearly should not have been driving

14. This person who has clearly pissed off the Pepsi Gods

15. This person who took a lot more crap than you did today

16. This FedEx driver who is kind of overdoing it

17. This person who had even his most simple pleasure robbed of him

18. This guy whose pull-out couch became a fold-in couch


19. This person who got a shoe upgrade

20. This person who’s being forced to kick their bad soda habit

21. This person who can’t catch a break, even when dead


22. This person who clearly was not paying attention

23. This person who now has a custom-designed car

24. This person who might as well just give up


25. This guy who unites us all through second-hand embarrassment

When you think your day can’t go worse

26. This person who should have just ordered take-out

27. This person who’ll have to walk home while thinking about his loss

28. This person who may as well become an evil villain now

29. This guy who didn’t deserve two bad things to happen to him at once

30. This person who’s never felt so betrayed

31. This guy who’s putting up with all this irony

32. This person who got a free, surprise shower

33. This person who is eating the ugliest sandwich in the world right now

34. This person who is reminding us not to let our tiny humans anywhere near a marker


35. This person who is most definitely cursing at gravity for this

36. And this person, who will probably skip coffee for all eternity