37 Must-See Photographs From The Past That Are Just Incredible

Some of the best (and worst) moments in history may have already come and gone, but these images will live on forever.

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#1. Firepower from the USS Iowa, 1987.

#2. Searchlights on the Rock of Gibraltar during an air raid practice, 1942.

#3. A man assaults a civil rights activist with the American flag, 1976.

#4. Playing golf atop a skyscraper in New York, 1932.

#5. What TIME Magazine predicted Michael Jackson would look like in 2000, 1985.

#6. A teary-eyed Neil Armstrong after his historic walk on the moon, 1969.

#7. A vintage computer advertisement.

#8. Testing bulletproof vests, 1923.

#9. KKK members pose with a Ferris wheel in Cañon City, Colorado in 1926.

#10. Installing the final segment of the St Louis Gateway Arch, 1965.

#11. Over 3,300 Vietnamese orphans were transported by airplanes to the US, 1975.

#12. A man’s nose was measured as part of the Aryan race determination tests, 1940.

#13. Bob Dylan and John Lennon meeting for the first time, 1966.

#14. Wedding rings collected from Holocaust victims, 1945.

#15. A KKK member is protected by a black policeman as protesters close in on them at a rally in Austin, Texas, 1983.

#16. A llama in Times Square, 1957.

#17. New York City in 1903.

#18. Mt St Helens before and after the 1980 eruption.

#19. ‘One Night Cough Cure’ with some very interesting ingredients, manufactured in Baltimore in 1888.

#20. A coat sale in Copenhagen, Denmark, 1936.

#21. Bullets for Hitler, 1940.

#22. Baker underwater nuclear explosion to gauge the effect of nuclear power on warships, 1946.

#23. John Lennon recording a song at Abbey Road Studios in London, 1963.

#24. Morgan Freeman in a US Air Force uniform, 1955.

#25. The Beatles pose with Muhammad Ali, 1964.

#26. Ray Charles with a young Stevie Wonder in Detroit, 1962.

#27. The US “Ghost Army” used inflatable rubber tanks and vehicles to mislead Nazis in WWII, 1945.

#28. A class on gun safety in an Indiana school, 1956.

#29. Woodstock, 1969.

#30. How German prisoners of war reacted when forced to watch footage of what happened in the concentration camps, 1945.

#31. Jimi Hendrix and Mick Jagger in New York, 1969.

#32. A 19-year-old Bill Clinton shakes the hands of President Kennedy in Washington, 1963.

#33. Jimi Hendrix’s last concert in Germany, September 6, 1970.

#34. Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur, 1990s.

#35. A young Hitler cheering with a crowd in Munich as the start of the First World War was announced, 1914.

#36. Bob Marley enjoying a beer after a game of soccer, year unknown.

#37. And a cat kissing a baby beluga whale to wrap things up, year unknown.