Mom Who Beat Son To Death For Wetting Bed Sentenced To 40 Years In Prison

A South Dakota mom was sentenced to 40 years in federal prison after beating her son to death after he wet the bed.

Katrina Shangreaux, 30, came home to find that her son Kylen, 2, had wet the bed. In a fit of rage, she beat him with a studded belt, threw him to the ground, and hit his head multiple times. The toddler died of multiple injuries.


The incident happened on July 28, 2016. Now, there’s justice for Kylen as his mother pleaded guilty to second degree murder as part of a plea deal. Shangreaux was initially charged with first-degree murder.

Before the attack, she admitted to being drunk and on pain medications. She also said in a written statement that she was triggered when her son gave her a sideways glance and referred to her as ‘Angie’ – the boy’s paternal aunt who took care of him until the mother took custody of the child.

Shangreaux’s mother, Sonya Dubray, allegedly helped her cover up the crime scene and clean up Kylen’s body before they called 911. Dubray also covered up for the abuse Kylen received at the hands of his mother. She will be held on trial in November for being an accessory to the crime and hindering the investigation.

When Shangreaux called 911, she said that her son had choked on an apple. But the autopsy of the victim showed how much abuse he went through.


The child had cigarette burns on his head, bleeding in his brain, and mutilated genitals.

Chief Judge Jeffrey L Viken described the toddler’s death as ‘horrific, depraved, torturous, and humiliating’, adding that the two-year-old could not do anything to defend himself.

Shangreaux’s sentence was increased from a maximum of 33 years to 40 years because of the heinous crime.

Kylen’s aunt, Angie, said, “I should have never stopped fighting for you. I love you the most Ky Sky Pie. No one can ever take away our love. All I know is that this didn’t have to happen. It could have been prevented… if someone had listened and done their job.”


Angie also begged the judge to give Shangreaux a life sentence. She addressed the mother and said, “I hate you. I will never forgive you. You deserve hell.”

Kylen’s father is serving time in federal prison for abuse and neglect of a son with a different woman.