43 Jaw-Dropping Interior Design Ideas To Take You One Step Closer To Your Dream House

There comes a time in every person’s life when a house or a room needs to be renovated. And anyone who’s ever been in that position can tell you one thing: it’s not a walk in the park.

These home improvement ideas will give you inspiration for your future renovation projects — from simple additions to sweeping changes, we’ve got you covered.

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#1. Floating house, meet glass floor.

#2. Perfect reading cave.

#3. These blinds let you see a better view when closed.

#4. “Tree house” attic, probably an overprotective parent’s idea.

#5. Stairs that transform into an Autobot dresser.

#6. If your spouse always forgets to look at the time, build a giant clock into your wall.

#7. Reading nook, perfect for reading sci fi novels in.

#8. “And a river of glass runneth ‘tween two woods.”

#9. Indoor tree house: every kid’s fantasy.

#10. Stained-glass wooden door made of Pantone swatches, for that cathedral effect.

#11. Incorporate = what you do when you’re stuck between building your house and not wanting to chop an ancient tree down.

#12. Van Gogh’s Starry Night, made into a rock wall.

#13. Creepy forest shadows chandelier, for domesticated monsters who miss their natural habitat.

#14. Moss-covered bathroom wall for an authentic woodsy experience.

#15. Fiber optic Milky Way Galaxy floor.

#16. Glow-in-the-dark murals for trippy walls.

#17. Sparkly rainbow gemstone table. Girl, you fabulous.

#18. A wall that’s also a portal to the cosmos.

#19. M.C. Escher-inspired jigsaw puzzle floor.

#20. This Andy Warhol-ish rug gives off a mod vibe.

#21. A floating pirate ship bed in an ocean bedroom? Peter Pan would approve.

#22. Window seats are always a good idea.

#23. Make use of that empty space above your stairwell.

#24. This ammonite-shaped washbasin gives your dirty hand washing water a graceful exit.

#25. If you really want to be technical about it, this would be the proper “tree house”.

#26. Perfect for taking long baths (which is code for ‘psychedelic trips’).

#27. This table wants to make sure you know that you’re eating on top of a corpse of what used to be a living thing.

#28. A really creative but otherwise simple way to display your family tree: get a wall decal!

 #29. If you give your kids a thousand stickers in an all-white room, what do you get? A Jackson Pollock painting.

#30. Bury your head in a book, they say.

#31. Never underestimate the power of a marker and a plain white floor.

#32. For that “tricking someone into sleeping in a canopy bed but actually offering their soul to Baal” kind of date.

#33. Perfect if you love swimming and lounging in hammocks, and both at the same time.

#34. Galaxy Rug: because the term “staring into space” needs to be made literal.

#35. Rotating shelves into secret rooms are good for hiding from zombies and tricking your house guests.

#36. Skateboard house, with skateboard furniture, complete with skateboard-related injuries….

#37. A glass floor over an open shaft in the bathroom: so scary, your guest will shit himself.

#38. This wall of rippling water will mess with your brain and also maybe make you seasick.

#39. Somewhere, a hipster vintage enthusiast is hyperventilating just looking at this photo.

#40. Steampunk blimp ceiling light. *heavy nerd breathing*

#41. Floor moon lamps to make you feel like one of the Titans.

#42. Breaking news: someone caught the Kraken and turned it into a fireplace.

#43. Ceiling library is not for the acrophobe.