45 Random Acts Of Kindness That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

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#1. This little girl who knew just the right words to say to a grieving neighbor.

#2. This little kid with leukemia who got an unexpected present.

#3. This little girl who cares.

#4. This guy whose kindness moved someone to tears.

#5. This barber who offers haircuts at the price of a hug.

#6. This biker who went out of his way to help an older lady cross the street.

#7. This officer, who handcuffed himself to a suicidal woman to let her know she’s not alone.

This awesome act of selflessness changed her mind.

#8. This concert crowd who showed us everyone should be able to rock.

#9. This wonderful human being who believes in paying it forward.

#10. This rugby player who knows how to make a little girl’s day.

Brian O’Driscoll visited his biggest little fan in the hospital.

#11. This wonderful do-gooder who did something that will go a long way.

#12. This team who helped an injured opponent score, teaching us the meaning of sportsmanship.

#13. This dry cleaner who believes everyone should look their best when trying to get a job.

#14. This guy who missed his train to help a woman in need — breaking stereotypes in the process.

#15. This “Citizen of the Earth” who knows what good karma is all about.


#16. This little kid who got an awesome treat from a true winner.

#17. This firefighter who understands the value of a feline friend.

#18. This homeless man who got a present from a fellow book lover.

#19. This stranger who proved that good karma exists.

#20. This young Egyptian girl who helped a street vendor’s child learn how to read.

#21. This person whose small gesture made another person’s day.

#22. This teen who understands the value of a good book and a random act of kindness.

#23. This cat who, thanks to a selfless stranger, can sleep dry tonight.

#24. This mailman who delivers happiness.

#25. This animal hospital that goes beyond caring for its pets.

#26. This token that comes from the loving heart of a pet owner.

#27. This random guy named “Dan.”

#28. This passerby who showed that no one is too busy to do something good.

#29. These folks who understand the importance of Mom’s call.

#30. These paramedics who went over and beyond their duty.

#31. This guy who’s very good at math and paying his dues.

#32. This sports team that are champions in more ways than one.

#33. This little fella whose dream has finally come true.

#34. This grocery store employee who knows how to take good care of others.

#35. This stranger whose pay-it-forward scheme is about to catch on.

#36. This random guy who deserves to be president of Earth’s Lost-and-Found Committee.

#37. This tipper who knew how to make someone happy.

#38. This police officer who bought food for 20 people after finding out the day center was closed.

#39. These commuters who worked together to rescue a trapped woman.

A woman was trapped after falling between a train car and a platform in Tokyo, Japan. These commuters worked together to get her out.

#40. This stylist who gives free haircuts to NYC’s homeless — giving them a better chance in the job market.

#41. This runner who gave up victory to help an opponent finish.

Spanish runner Ivan Fernandez Anaya gave up a sure victory to do the right thing. He was second place to Kenyan athlete Abel Mutai when Mutai suddenly slowed down upon mistakenly thinking that he had already crossed the finish line.

The Spanish crowd kept telling the Kenyan to go on, but he couldn’t understand what they were saying. Anaya, who saw the chance to surge ahead, decided to slow down instead and show his worthy opponent the actual finish line.

#42. This kid who knew just what to do with his treats.

#43. This tree’s good neighbors.

#44. This parking officer who understands what it’s like to be a student.

#45. This triple amputee who built something wonderful for a boy he didn’t know.

Eric Duchesne only has one full limb, but that didn’t stop him from building this special deck for Carter. The deck allows the 7-year old to easily get in and out of the pool.

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