This 5-Year-Old With Down’s Syndrome Just Saved A Baby’s Life With Her Viral Video

Chloe Lennon is a 5-year-old girl from Scotland who has Down’s syndrome and she wants to change people’s perceptions of the condition.

The 5-year-old was filmed by her mom Jade Lennon to promote World’s Down’s syndrome Awareness day on March 21. The video, which was posted a week prior, has gone viral because of how positive and adorable Chloe was in the video. Jade expressed that in the past, there were a few horrible comments people had about Chloe both online and in person.

Chloe and Jade’s aim when they were making the video was to break stereotypes about Down’s syndrome. She wants to tell the world that people with Down’s syndrome are as capable as anyone else is.

After the video went viral, a pregnant mom from the US had contacted Jade and found out that at 20 weeks her pregnancy scan showed that her baby boy had Down’s syndrome. The parents had been deciding whether to terminate the pregnancy or keep the baby.

But when the expectant mother saw the video and pictures of Chloe on Jade’s social media, she decided to go through with the pregnancy because she was inspired by Chloe and what she was capable of.

“I was in floods of tears,” Jade shared. “It’s such a nice feeling knowing Chloe is changing perception and people are not as scared of children with the condition. It’s not a death sentence, it’s not the end of the world.”

Chloe’s video shows her introducing herself and explaining that it’s World Down’s Syndrome Awareness Day on March 21 and that people should wear odd socks that day. The “Lots of Socks” movement is a simple way to show Down’s syndrome awareness around the world as chromosomes can be likened to socks and how people with Down’s syndrome have an extra chromosome.

The video that Chloe and her mom made has been shared more than 300,000 times worldwide and Jade was stunned at the overwhelming positive responses she’s received after she posted it. You can watch the video of Chloe down below! Don’t forget to share it!