63-year-old grandmother and her 26-year-old husband give major baby update following announcement of first child

Cheryl McCain, 63, and her 26-year-old husband Quran McCain are capturing hearts on social media after sharing exciting news about expecting a baby. Despite facing backlash for their significant age difference, the couple has consistently demonstrated that age is merely a numeric value. They first crossed paths when Quran was just 15, working together at Dairy Queen, though they affirm there were no romantic undertones at the time. Their romantic connection sparked years later, serendipitously meeting again at a gas station.

Cheryl and husband Quran have faced constant criticism over their age gap. (TikTok/@therealoliver6060)

Followers of Cheryl and Quran have often come to their defense, particularly following their recent announcement about adding a new member to their family. Cheryl, a resident of Rome, Georgia, is not new to motherhood with seven children and 17 grandchildren. Yet, she and Quran, who married, decided to expand their family together. They turned to their TikTok community to share the journey, announcing in May that they had secured a surrogate to have their child.

On July 8, the couple shared a delightful moment from their gender reveal party on TikTok. The event included a playful prank by their friends who initially had them pop a balloon that released both blue and pink confetti, keeping the suspense alive. The real reveal happened outside with the couple igniting smoke cannons that enveloped them in pink smoke, indicating they were expecting a girl. The joy was unmistakable as they embraced, celebrating the news.


Its a girl @King 🤴🏾 Quran #fyp #genderreveal #itsagirl #teamgirl #agegap #couplegoals

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The internet responded warmly to their reveal, with numerous users extending congratulations. One supporter expressed, “You both are a cute partner. Age is just an age. We see you both love each other unconditionally.” Another shared their excitement, saying, “AWWWW a baby Cheryl that’s so sweet I’m so happy for you guys.” The positive sentiments continued, with another comment highlighting, “That’s so cute… and y’all need to stop judging people without knowing their story first.” Another well-wisher predicted, “Congratulations to the both of you, I was team girl too, she is going to be a well taken care of and a blessed beautiful little princess, and y’all are going to be wonderful parents.”

The pair recently revealed the gender of their baby, who they're welcoming via a surrogate. (TikTok/@therealoliver6060)

Despite some naysayers speculating about Cheryl’s ability to be there for her child in the long term, she remained undeterred, even playfully posting a follow-up video donning a ‘mommy to be’ banner, celebrating her journey into motherhood once again.