7 Signs It’s Time To Introduce Your Significant Other To Your Family

Introducing your partner to your family might feel a little daunting. But when the two of you are already sharing Netflix passwords, you know the dreaded day is imminent. But when exactly is the ‘right’ time take him home to meet mama bear and papa bear? Here are some tell-tale signs that the parent introduction is due:

#1. Your parents have started asking about him.


They’ve seen the Facebook photos, they know what’s up. Feigning innocence every time your mom says, “who’s that guy I always see on your Facebook?” won’t work forever.

#2. Your S.O. has started asking about your family as well.


This is actually a good sign. A person who feels strongly enough about you to want to meet your family should be allowed to.

#3. You’ve already met their mom and dad.


So he’s already gone ahead and introduced you to his entire clan. And except for the buffalo trampling your insides, the parent-girlfriend conference turned out to be a great day. Unsurprisingly, his family was a lovely bunch of people that you felt lucky to have met. Isn’t that a feeling you would want your S.O. to experience as well?

#4. You’ve done a dry run by introducing him to your friends.


Baby steps. We get it. By letting him meet your friends first, you’ll be able to observe him in your natural habitat: surrounded by people who love you. If your S.O. is disrespectful towards them, then that’s a red flag.

#5. You feel that you are committed to this relationship. And the feeling is mutual.


If you both see your futures together, then it’s time.

#6. Three words. Eight letters.


It’s official: you’re an item. Once you’ve both said the magic words, there’s no point delaying the inevitable meeting.

#7. Your gut is telling you the time is right.


The thought of putting your love life under scrutiny is now only mildly nauseating. A large part of that is because you want things to go well. But if you’ve already informed your partner of the precautionary measures (try to avoid talking about politics with your dad, etc.) then you should just relax and let nature take its course. Besides, he’ll probably charm their pants off — just like he did with you.

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