9 Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Someone Who Has Everything

We all have that one friend who we have trouble finding gifts for. They’re the type of people who seem to have the coolest new gadgets or the most expensive things. Though it may be difficult to find them the best present, it certainly isn’t impossible. So what exactly can you get someone who has everything?

1. Specialty Classes


Sign them up for a class that they’ve mentioned to you before. Maybe you’ve heard them talk about learning a new skill like latté art or calligraphy. They’ll appreciate the fact that you remembered something they said eons ago, and are helping them pursue a new hobby.

2. Makeup Subscription Service


This is for the friend who lives and breathes makeup and skincare. With beauty boxes, they’ll have access to the latest products from their favorite cosmetic lines. This gift is infinitely better and more personalized than just getting them a gift certificate like everyone else (here’s looking at you, Aunt Kate!) Plus, they’ll remember you each time their beauty box arrives every month!

3. A Crazy Experience


This is for the thrillseekers. If your loved one gets high on adrenalin, why not take them on a crazy adventure like skydiving, white water rafting, or a hot air balloon ride? The possibilities are endless, and it’ll be a good shared experience you can both look back on several years down the road.

4. A DIY Kit


For the crafty friend who’s good with their hands, what better to gift them with than a DIY kit? From assembling your own speakers to making your own homemade cheese… the possibilities are endless! You’ll definitely make it to their Top Ten gifters of all time, that’s for sure.

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5. Home Baked Goods


There’s nothing better than giving someone a gift that you made with love. Ever wanted to try out that family biscuit recipe that’s been handed down to you by your grandma? Or does your work BFF love it when you bake those special treats you bring to the office? Better yet, ride the mason jar tide and buy the ingredients to a cookie recipe, arrange them in a pretty mason jar, and top with a bow. Voila, a deconstructed cookie they can make whenever they want!

6. A Personalized Item


There’s a reason why personalized gifts are so popular, and it’s because it shows that you were thoughtful enough to commission a gift in advance, and that you know your loved ones all too well. An embroidered towel or a fountain pen with your mom’s name on it will be both functional and classy. Give them something beautiful that can last for ages, like a jewelry box or a watch. Or how about engraving something you know they’d use every day, like a trusty hammer?

7. Name a Star


If you can’t reach for the stars and pluck one out of the sky for your significant other, you can at least name one after them. It’s a special gift that is totally (and literally!) out of this world.

8. A Luxurious Everyday Item


Give your loved one the gift of comfort. This can come in the form of a down-filled pillow with a ridiculously high thread count, a soft scarf for the perpetually cold person, or even a mink-soft blanket that you can probably find at a discount store. Everyone appreciates a gift that they can use every day.

9. A Charity Donation


Not all gifts have to be for someone; they could also be in behalf of someone. For someone who has a cause or advocacy close to their heart, there is no better present than donating to that charity in their honor. This way, you’re not only showing support for the causes your friend believes in, but also lending a helping hand to people who need it most.