These Toys From The 90s Will Send You On A Nostalgia Trip Back To Your Childhood

90s kids will argue that they grew up in the best generation. If you were a 90s kid yourself, you’d probably be able to list 100 things that made your childhood the best, but here are 20 of our favorites to begin with.

Be warned, after viewing these photos, you might wish you had a time machine so that you could go back to the good old times.

1. The trending problem of the 90s: skipping music.

The LIE that was "anti-skip" technology:

2. The color set that made you aspire for a career in visual arts.

The tools to become a master painter:

3. Every 90s gradeschooler’s most dreaded sheet of paper

The maddest minute there ever was:

4. These skates that made you the coolest kid in the block.

Rolling around town on these stylin' skates:

5. Your first exposure to a sniffing addiction.

Getting addicted to sniffing these:

6. Nobody goes through a 90s childhood without Bill Nye the Science Guy.

50 Pictures That Look Just Like Your Childhood

7. These were all the rage.

Choking yourself via necklace:

8. This was sorcery.

Balancing your bird:

9. Of course, you remember the PC that this came with.

Playing with the lil' ball:

10. Every Photoshop expert you know started with this.

The program that turned you into a master painter:

11. The movie that moved you to tears (but you just can’t stop watching over again)

The saddest scene in any movie:

12. The best game before Candy Crush

This game in dentist offices:

13. The only reason you asked your mom to buy cereal.

The ONLY way to eat cereal that matters:

14. The plates that made cereal tastier for no reason at all.

These plates that made everything taste just a litttttttle better:

15. The symbol we all used to draw, for no reason whatsoever.

Your own personal bat-symbol:


16. These used to be totally badass.


17. The coolest ways to carry your treats.

The only way to carry your Halloween candy in style:

18. The toy you’d trade all your other toys for.

The only toy that mattered:

19. The scholastic book fair where you only buy Star Wars magazines.

Book fair day, the best day at school:

20. Before GPS, there was this:

The world's most helpful road map:

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