This 94-Year-Old Great-Grandmother Just Graduated College With A 4.0

This is Amy Craton, a great-grandmother from Honolulu, Hawaii, who recently celebrated her 94th birthday — oh, and she just graduated college, too.


Amy first pursued her degree in 1962, but her education took a backseat when she decided to have a family and put her children first.

Going back to college in your 90s isn’t easy, and even less so for Amy, who relies on a wheelchair to get around and is hard of hearing.


So she completed her degree online from Southern New Hampshire University, saying, “You have to live. You have to learn as long as you can. Go to college, go to college. Don’t be afraid of it!”

And did we mention this incredible 94-year-old passed college with a GPA of 4.0?


If you’re not already inspired enough to take on whatever you’ve been putting off, Amy’s not finished yet.

She says she still has more to learn, so she’s already started her master’s degree.


You can watch the full video below.

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