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    Switch Bot Is A Tiny Robot That Lets You Flip Any Switch Even When You’re Away

    Switch Bot is the world’s smallest remote robot. It mechanically controls all switches and buttons wherever you are…yes, even when you’re a whole continent away!

    Installing “smart switches” is a complicated task that requires either professional help or an experienced set of hands.


    Not to mention it’s at a price point that not a lot of us are able to reach. But what if you just want a smart and simple solution that’s also affordable?

    With Switch Bot, you can press or toggle any button when you’re not home or too lazy to get off the couch.


    Simply connect the device to the app on your smart phone, and attach the Switch Bot next to any switch, button, or toggle using the included 3M sticky tape. You’ll then be able to remotely flip and switch, button, or toggle wherever you are in the world. Whether you’re half-way across the world, or a few feet away on the couch, just use your smart phone to activate the switch.

    The Switch Bot got their funding via Kickstarter, and if you’d like to make an order for this tiny robot, just go check out their official page.


    The Switch Bot started shipping to backers last June 2017, so go and get yours now!

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    Woman Visiting State Park Has Surprise Of Her Life After Discovering Truth About ‘Special Stone’

    When Victoria Brodski spent her 25th birthday in a state park in Arkansas, she didn’t expect to encounter the biggest surprise of her life.

    Brodski, with her daughter and parents, went to Crater of Diamonds Park to celebrate her special day.


    Most people go there for the scenery. Some spend the whole day looking for the ‘special stones’ but return empty-handed.

    It took Brodski a mere ten minutes upon entering the park to notice something shiny on the ground. Not knowing what it really was, she put it in her pocket to show her dad later that day.


    “My dad and I went to the information booth and I saw little examples of diamonds,” the young mother recalled. “I said, ‘That’s the rock I picked up earlier.’ So, I took it up there and they identified it.”

    When park officials studied her find, they made an exciting announcement. Brodski didn’t just find an ordinary rock, she found a 2.65 carat diamond!

    “I wish I could tell you I was excited, but I didn’t know it was a diamond – I just thought it was a pretty piece of glass,” she stated. “Their eyes got really big and they went to a different room with it.”

    To make the news more outstanding, Brodski wasn’t just one of the lucky few to find a diamond. Her find was actually the second biggest found in the area this year.

    It is the park’s policy that you get to keep whatever ‘special stone’ you find. Brodski plans to have the diamond appraised soon and share the money with her parents.

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    Single Mom Spends Years Struggling To Make Ends Meet, Then Son Gets A Call He Never Forgets

    “A mother is going to always put her kids first, and make sure that they have everything they need,” Danigelis stated about a Mother’s sacrifice,” And then she’s going to do things for herself.”

    Rebecca Danigelis worked as a hotel housekeeper for 50 years when she received one of the most devastating news she’d ever heard. She was let go from the job she loved and committed herself to most of her life.


    “I’d never taken a day off work. I’d never been lazy,” the 75-year-old stated. The single mom of two even had to miss her sister’s funeral years ago because no one could cover her shift.

    Devastated, she phoned her son, Sian-Pierre Regis, who was living in Paris as a filmmaker at the time.

    “I just got fired, just want you to know that. Call me. Bye,” were the heart-wrenching words she left on his voicemail.


    When Regis heard her message, he immediately knew his mother wasn’t taking the news too well. He knew he had to do something to lift up her spirit. “My mom’s morale was down. It was really affecting her,” he recalled.

    Regis knew that it was time for his mom to realize her bucket list. So they decided that now is the time they start checking things off.

    And just like how his mom sacrificed her aspirations for him and his brother growing up to make ends meet, he put a pause on his own career to make them finally come true for her.

    Danigelis’ bucket list consisted of: joining Instagram and touring several countries. And learning to dance hip-hop.


    One item on that list bore so much weight that it left both mom and son very emotional. It was to visit Danigelis’ sister’s grave for the first time.


    Regis documented all their adventures in the hopes of creating a memoir for his mother. They have plans of turning it into a movie called Duty Free. A campaign to fund the production had just been launched.


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    Veteran Takes Action After Cruel Lunch Lady Dumps 4-Year-Old’s Lunch In Trash

    “My jaw dropped. I felt like I got kicked in the gut,” said Kevin Holt, a US Army veteran turned special education teacher in Texas.

    Holt may have spent 32 years as a medic and helicopter pilot in the army, but nothing braced him when he witnessed a student getting cruelly “lunch shamed” in the school cafeteria.


    After retiring from the army, he became a special education teacher in Central Texas.

    Breakfast was being served when the incident happened. What shocked Holt the most was that a a four-year-old girl was the victim of the cashier’s insensitive remarks and actions.


    Not only was this a practice in his own school district. He later found out that other states were doing this to school children, too.

    “She got to the cashier, they scanned her PIN and the cashier said this to the 4-year-old: ‘You have no money.’ She reached down, picked up her tray, took the milk off the tray, dumped the food, and sent the child away crying, ” Holt said, recalling the incident.

    Other lunch shaming tactics from other schools included stamping the child’s hand with bright red ink as a reminder for their parents to pay their overdue lunch bills.

    He said in an interview, “Her last meal might have been 12 or 13 hours ago. Insult to injury is the fact that they dump the food in the presence of your child. The message that sends to a child is ‘I don’t care about you or your feelings or your hunger.'”

    Holt wanted a change in the bigger picture, so he created a petition through Change.org to end lunch shaming in Texas. “If it doesn’t happen in this legislature, I’ll be back in 2019, I’ll be back in ’21. Whatever it takes, because treating kids this way is wrong. Right now, it’s state-sponsored bullying because the laws allow it in Texas.”

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    Ohio Couple Breaks Into Tears After Judge Tells Them What They’ve Longed To Hear

    This is a story of a family who doubled in number in just one day.

    Christopher and Christina Sanders already had five children of their own and admitted that it was already a lot of work. But somehow, they felt that they still had so much love to give and decided to adopt.

    ABC News

    When they decided to open their home to foster kids, they made sure to welcome anyone. Christina said, “We just made an agreement that whoever we would get, we would keep them.”

    Cincinnati News

    The couple took in four brothers in their home at first. Knowing that they had sisters in other foster homes, the couple did exactly what they had to do.

    The siblings couldn’t bear to be separated, so Christina and Christopher filed for a unique adoption request.

    In a courtroom filled with all their friends and family, the judge officially (and happily) signed the papers and announced the happy news.

    Cincinnati News

    But this is an adoption process that has never happened before. Even the judge who presided over the whole process said, “I’ve been here for over two years and this is the first time. It’s that unique.”

    Christopher and Christina adopted all six siblings to keep them together – on the same day!

    The family lives in a modest six-room home but their hearts are big enough to love their growing brood. Their first concern as a family? Finding a 15-seater van!

    Cincinnati News

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    Long Lost Love Letter Finally Delivered To Husband After 72 Years

    “That is what you are to my life, the sun about which everything revolves around me.”

    A love letter lost in a gap under the stairs in a New Jersey home finally reached its receiver – 72 years after it was written.

    Melissa Fahy was renovating her newly purchased home when a piece of paper peaked under her staircase. Little did she know that her discovery would make her a part of a decades-old love story.

    The letter which was postmarked May 1945, was supposed to reach Rolf Christoffersen who was at the time a sailor in the Norwegian Navy. His wife, Virginia, wrote the letter and described her longing and admiration for her husband.


    “I love you, Rolf, as I love the warm sun.”

    In the letter, Virginia also talked about the baby that she and her husband were about to have. The envelope was unfortunately marked “return to sender” and never made it to her husband.


    Fahy immediately wanted to find the Christoffersens to hand them back the letter. So like the modern equivalent to reaching out to people, she utilized Facebook.

    With the help of the web app’s users, she was able to locate the couple’s son who lives in California.

    Upon receiving the letter, the couple’s son read it to 96-year-old Rolf. Coincidentally, Virginia died six years at the time her letter reached her husband.


    “In a way, I guess it’s his wife coming back and making her memory alive again,” Fahy stated in an interview.

    The letter also found its way back to its receiver in the most appropriate time – Mother’s Day. “It’s Mother’s Day and reading her words reminded me just what a wonderful person she was and how much she loved us,” the couple’s son said.

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    Man Confused About Why He Got Pulled Over, Wife And Cop Then Give Him The Shock Of His Life

    U.S. Army veteran Jarred Wright and his wife, Nikki, were stopped by a cop on the side of the road. Not knowing what he did wrong, Wright was completely confused.


    It was a good thing that the cop is a friend of the couple’s. “Hey, what’s up brother! I haven’t seen you in forever,” the cop exclaimed when he saw the familiar faces inside the car.

    Although Wright knew the cop, he was calm but still lost as to why he and his wife were pulled over in the first place.

    Especially when the cop told him, “Well, I gotta be honest. The reason why I stopped you is because you’ve got a child in the car with no child seat.”

    Houston Chronicle

    Positive that it was just him and his wife in the car, Wright was completely baffled. He repeatedly glanced over to his wife, who was recording the entire exchange between him and the cop.

    “We do have a child in the car with no car seat,” his wife said, giggling.

    Police Help With Pregnancy Reveal

    He wasn't expecting that when the police pulled him over… 😂👶

    Posted by Pretty 52 on Thursday, May 4, 2017

    “I think that means you’re a daddy, buddy!” the cop said to Wright, who was laughing and still trying to make sense about the entire scenario.

    As if the news about his wife’s pregnancy was not enough, he was about to be surprised with another piece of delightful information.

    His wife hands him a gift bag with a stuffed toy holding up the sign, “Dad, see you on your birthday.”

    The baby was actually due on Wright’s birthday! How lucky can this guy get?

    This precious video not only shared the excited couple’s pregnancy news to the entire world, but it also educates people about PTSD through their GoFundMe page. This disorder has affected Wright after his involvement in the 2013-2014 Afghanistan war and left him unable to keep a normal job.

    Fortunately for the couple, their campaign had already gone way beyond their $2,000 goal! Wright hopes that his ongoing treatment and people’s kindness through their campaign will aid him and his wife in getting into a better situation to welcome their child into the world.

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    Crying Toddler Pulls Giant Suitcase Down Hall. Reason Why Has Millions Crying With Laughter

    When you’re the younger sibling, you know very well the feeling of hurt and abandonment when your older brother or sister does something without you. You only try your hardest to be just as cool as them, so why are they still not tagging you along on every adventure that they go to?

    Kids experiencing separation anxiety is quite normal and the thought of being away from anyone they’re attached to causes a tantrum. And these outbursts are never easy to tame.

    This cutie pie’s reaction upon hearing that her bigger sister was going away for a holiday is how we all wish we could behave when we’re not invited- especially when she plans the trip on the down low!

    So when Abby saw her big sis packing her bags, a meltdown was sure to ensue.

    This tiny tot was so determined to be a part of her sister’s vacation, she was able to haul a luggage twice her size and weight. She even had all her valuables (toys) ready all over the floor for easy packing.

    We know the feeling, Abby!

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    Nervous Dog Waits For Surgery, Then Young Vet Pulls Out Guitar And Instantly Steals Her Heart

    A vet at this clinic offers a unique service that definitely will have your pets excited for a visit.

    When a dog named Ruby was about to undergo surgery, she was naturally nervous. The golden retriever was about to be spayed and was surrounded by people she had never met before.

    Luckily for Ruby, she was a patient at the Fox Hollow Animal Hospital. This clinic performs a special method to calm nervous animals down – a swoon-worthy, one-on-one serenade.


    This unique practice is carried out by one of the vets, Dr. Ross Henderson. Seeing how anxious Ruby was getting, he grabbed his guitar and serenaded Ruby with his rendition of Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling In Love”.

    Sometimes your patient just needs you to go the extra mile to make them feel comfortable when they're here for the day to have surgery. Dr. Ross has mastered the technique and sweet Ruby was so thankful for that ❤ #FoxHollowVet

    Posted by Fox Hollow Animal Hospital on Thursday, April 27, 2017

    Henderson believes that music and individual attention eases the nervousness of animals. Clearly so, Ruby can be seen lounging peacefully while listening to him singing.

    The video of the special moment was shared by the clinic on Facebook. And apparently, Dr. Henderson’s crooning is not just a hit with his patients. “You are amazing! I aspire to work for vets with this love and affection for what they do!” comments one fan.

    If you are considering a visit to the clinic to see a live performance of the musical doctor, hold that thought. Henderson has more videos belting out soothing melodies.

    The doctor admits that he gets a less than stellar reception from other animals, especially from Greg, the office cat. “I think he’s immune to it, though,” Dr. Henderson quips. Well we sure don’t want to be!

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