17 Tweets That Will Make You Go, “Me As A Dog Owner”

#1. When you feel like your dog came out of your womb so you treat them with utmost care.


#2. When you prefer your dog over other family members.

#3. When none of the guys you’ve dated even comes close to your dog.


#4. When you’d rather take pictures of your dog than of yourself.


#5. And you need to document your dog’s every momentous occasion.


#6. When you never forget to include your dog in the holiday celebrations.

#7. When you give in to your dog’s need to always be within hugging distance.


#8. When someone asks you what kind of dog you have, and you respond with the honest-to-god truth.


“He’s a mutt. Half amazing. Half terrific.”

#9. When you have parties to celebrate your dog’s birthday.


#10. And you get him a cake and an inflatable pool ’cause they deserve only the very best.

#11. When you leave town and have someone puppy-sit for you but you don’t trust they’ll do a good job.

#12. When you’ve perfected a technique to get the best shots of your pupper.

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#13. When you’re proud of your dog and everything they accomplish.


#14. When you need to run errands but don’t want to leave the dog home alone.


#15. When you’re obsessed with your dog and want the whole world to know.


#16. Really, though.

#17. And when you can’t imagine a future without your best friend.


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