Dog Abandoned At Gas Station Finds Sweetest Way To Ask Someone For Help

While filling up her tank at a Texaco gas station, Shannon Ackerman was in for a surprise.

The Texas resident had just rescued a husky and her two puppies who had been trapped in a drain pipe next to the highway and was on her way home with them.

The independent dog rescuer then felt something licking the back of her knee. “When I looked down, this sweet, sad German Shepherd, who appeared to have just had a litter, was looking up at me with a look on her face like, ‘Can you please help me?’,” Shannon said.

She wanted to help the poor dog so badly that she asked around the crowded gas station if anyone had lost their dog or seen someone dump her there. But, no one answered.

Shannon went to the owner of the gas station to see if he had any leads. The man just said that he saw someone dump the German Shepherd there but sped away just before he could do anything.

Since Shannon had a car full of huskies and dog traps and supplies, there was no space for the German Shepherd who was later named Mercy. But Shannon wasn’t giving up!

She drove back to the place where she rescued the huskies and found that Whitney Hartman, another independent dog rescuer, was still there. She told her about Mercy and both of them were quick to get back to the gas station.

As soon as Whitney opened the door for Mercy, the pupper quickly jumped in. She was so happy someone was helping her.

After spending a night with Whitney at her home where she was given a good meal and a warm bed, Mercy was then taken to Sauver Des Cheins, a local rescue group that specializes in saving German Shepherds. They’re currently looking for Mercy’s owner and wanting to reunite the dog momma with her puppies. But whatever happens, the rescue group is determined to find Mercy a good and loving home.

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