Actor’s heart rate skyrocketed to 170 bpm when she first saw Nicolas Cage in character for new horror film

If you’re a fan of horror flicks that claim to redefine fear, then you might want to keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming horror film starring none other than Nicolas Cage. While we’ve only caught a fleeting glimpse of Cage in the promotional materials, the mystery surrounding his character is enough to send shivers down your spine.

That's as much of a glimpse as we get of Cage in the movie for now! (NEON)

In today’s world of spoiler-heavy trailers, the secretive approach taken by the filmmakers of “Longlegs” is a breath of fresh air. According to on-set sources, Nicolas Cage’s role might just be his most bone-chilling yet. It’s no simple task to measure the scariness of a film, but a good old-fashioned heart rate monitor might just do the trick.

Indeed, co-star Maika Monroe reported her heart rate skyrocketed to an alarming 170bpm when she first encountered Cage in his eerie transformation into the character Longlegs. Monroe described the moment as unforgettable: “When I walked in and saw Nicolas Cage as Longlegs, that was a visceral experience I’ll never forget.”

The film is already generating buzz as possibly the ‘scariest film of the decade.’ The filmmakers are keeping Cage’s menacing look under wraps, adding to the anticipation. Director Oz Perkins explained to GeekTyrant that they’re aiming to create a sense of mystery: “It’s driving people towards a freak show at a circus tent. We’ve got the thing behind the curtain, and when there’s enough people gathered round, we’re going to pull the curtain.”
Maika Monroe claimed her heart rate shot up after seeing Cage in character.

Maika Monroe claimed her heart rate shot up after seeing Cage in character. (JC Olivera/Getty Images for Neon)

Nicolas Cage himself has hyped up the terror factor of the movie, likening it to a highly volatile substance: “It’s the equivalent of putting a warning label on a jar of nitroglycerin. The monster is a highly, highly dangerous substance. The way it’s moved, unveiled, deployed has to be treated very carefully. Forget about the movie theater blowing up; the whole city could blow up, nay the country, maybe even the world. He is going to change your reality. Your doors of perception are going to open, and your life is not going to be the same.”

With such high stakes and tantalizing teases, “Longlegs” is setting itself up as a potentially game-changing horror film. Scheduled for release on July 12, only time will tell if it meets the lofty expectations it’s stirring. Will “Longlegs” truly be the fright fest of the decade? Stay tuned.