Just 19 Pictures Of Grown-Up Puppies That Will Make Your Heart Smile

The Internet can’t get enough of puppies, but it’s important to remember that even when the adorable floofers are all grown up, they’re still too cute to handle.

#1. This little lady who never outgrew her fave snuggle spot.

#2. This guy who found a new place to nap.

#3. This brave floof who can finally defend the front yard.

#4. These paw-some superheroes.

#5. This very important doggo who’s taking work seriously now she’s older.

#6. This pupper who ended up a whole lot fluffier than expected.

#7. This big fella who still thinks he’s a little fella.

#8. This perky pup who got his ears straight in the end.

#9. This beautiful baby who grew into her wrinkles.

#10. This poser who’s had begging down since he was a baby.

#11. And this puppy who only just mastered it.

#12. This grown-up boy who still loves his backyard spot.

#13. This cutie who still loves to play.

#14. This fluffball who grew into his paws.

#15. This pooch who still has the best puppy dog eyes.

#16. These best friends.

#17. This fluffy gang who got even fluffier over time.

#18. This little lady who’s ageing very gracefully.

#19. And this guy who still doesn’t quite fit into his big ears.