Are These Fuzzy “Sheep-Pigs” With Dog-Like Personalities The Perfect Pet?

If you desperately want a pet but just can’t decide between a clever pig, a fluffy sheep or a playful puppy companion, stop fretting and get yourself a Mangalitsa pig that combines all three.

This Hungarian breed of pig grows woolly fur — perfect for cuddling — and can be tamed as a house pet (although it’ll have to be a big house).


They’re very playful and inquisitive and have been known to follow their owners around just like fluffy sheep-pig-dogs.


And then there’s the fact that they’re absolutely adorable.


They’re so fluffy.

I think Olive needs a pig-sheep for a buddy. #olivehoover #companion #bestfriends #buddy #pigsheep #sheeppig

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And all they want to do is snuffle around and play, like this guy.

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Look at that big happy woolly snouty face.

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Don’t say you’re not tempted to buy a farm and fill it with Mangaltsa piggies.

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Just imagine strolling about your local park with this guy on a leash.

I'm so confused about what this is #sheeppig #obscurebreeds #tilgatepark

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Why have a labrador when you can have a sheep pig?

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Or, if these guys are just making you feel peckish (you carnivore), you should know Mangalitsa pigs make some of the best pork. But we’d rather cuddle them.