This Woman Is Severely Allergic To Animals But Dedicates Her Life To Saving Them Anyway

For most people with allergies, they avoid whatever is irritating them like the plague. But animal lover Caitlin Stewart, despite being severely allergic to animals, has devoted herself to rescuing and caring for all creatures great and small.

Any contact with animals brings Caitlin out in an angry rash, as she told the Dodo, “I’m just highly allergic to animals. All of them — except chickens.”

But rather than run a mile when anything furry came her way, Caitlin decided to open her very own animal sanctuary, Rancho Relaxo, in 2012.

“I knew way before I started the rescue and working with animals in general that I had a terrible physical reaction to them. What they do to my spirit outweighs what they do to my skin.”

Caitlin’s farm now homes goats, sheep, donkeys, horses, dogs and cats — even though she’s previously suffered allergy-induced asthma attacks that have hospitalized her.

And she’s looking to keep growing the farm, build new barns and, despite her skin’s protests, continue having snuggles with Rancho Relaxo’s residents.

You can find out more, donate to the not-for-profit animal sanctuary or just look at cute animals at the Rancho Relaxo website and Facebook page.