25 Tweets Only People In A Serious Relationship With Food Will Get

#1. When your whole appearance relies on how hungry you are.

#2. When you want to be romantic but you’re also hungry.

#3. When your hunger has no limits.

#4. And when your hunger is so bad you feel it deep in your soul.

#5. When your hunger is too much to handle.

#6. When your hunger is worse than the plague.

#7. When you know yourself well enough to give people a warning.

#8. When you just really, reeaallyyy want noodles.

#9. When you’ve never related to a cat more than this one.

#10. Seriously, the dictionary should just have a picture of you under the word ‘hungry.’

#11. This truth about how friendships really end.

#12. When you’re really just damn hungry all the time.

#13. When your hunger is more important than family.

#14. When nothing stands in the way of your need for food.

#15. When you’re trying hard to fight those urges.

#16. The name’s Hungry. Always Hungry.

#17. When you’ve never related to a Kardashian more.

#18. When you’ve gotta warn your future spouse about your ~tendencies~.

#19. Sigh. We’ve all been there.

#20. When your hunger brings back awful memories.

#21. When hunger is your worst attitude.

#22. When you’re so hungry you can’t even wait anymore.

#23. When a scale can’t even define how badly you need food.

#24. And finally, this perfect philosophical rebuttal to an age-old question.

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