20 Adorable Couples That Prove Love Exists In The Animal Kingdom Too

The Valentine’s Weekend has left some scent of love in the air. If you are still wrapped in the misty feeling of joy and affection, you’re not alone. Take a look at these animal couples as they are photographed in moments that look like they could to your favorite romantic movies.

1. A handful of love

Penguins Walk Hand In Hand

2. Puppy love


3. No distance between us

Kissing Snails

4. As close as they get

Cute Mice Cuddling

5. Let me in

Prairie Dog Family

6. Foxy meets dandy

Foxes In Love

7. I’ll cat you if you fall

Kitty Love

8. Owly morning love

Owls Kissing

9. There’s no otter but you

Sea Otters Holding Hands

10. Parroting the love

Parrot Couple

11. Adorable giggle

Cute Squirrels Whispering Sweet Nothings

12. I’ve got this feline

Care And Affection...

13. You are so deer to me

Deer Couple

14. They’ll always have paris

Pigeons In Paris

15. Inseperable

Monkeys Cuddling

16. Love is in the air

Only For Lovers

17. Bound by love

African Elephant Love

18. Swine hearts

Sleeping Pig Couple

19. Only purr you

Sweet Moment

20. Loved like a boss

Lowland Gorillas
via boredpanda

Before you scroll back up to take a second or third look at these photos, be sure to share them with your friends. You’ll definitely want them to know what makes you so mushy this post-Valentine’s week.