10 Of The Best Low-Maintenance House Plants For Very Busy People

#1. Peace Lily.


The Peace Lily’s (Spathiphyllum) striking white flowers make it a popular choice. It’s also easy to take care of: it’ll grow even in rooms without much light — just remember to water it regularly. More info here.

#2. Touch-me-not.


These bright and cheerful indoor flowers look great and are super easy to grow. All you need to do is make sure the Impatiens plant is well-watered and kept in a small container (not that you would even have the time to re-pot it) to make sure it continues to flower. More tips here.

#3. Ivy.


Grow beautiful hanging ivy baskets that are perfect for just about any environment. Just make sure you water them regularly. More info on taking care of ivy here.

#4. Cacti.


These evergreen plants are for people who really don’t want to do anything. All these undemanding plants need are a little soil, sunlight and water to grow. Easy. More here.

#5. Spider Plant.


The spider plant (Chlorophytum) has got to be the most popular houseplant. They are tough, making them ideal for pretty anywhere. This plant can grow in almost any soil, tolerates any light conditions and does well in containers of any shape and size. If you forget to water Chlorophytum, its leaves will start turning yellow, but the plant won’t wither. For more on this hardy plant, click here.

#6. Iron Plant.


The clue is in the name: the cast iron plant (Aspidistra) is popular because it’s as tough as nails. It’s a shade loving plant so is ideal for the cooler areas in your home. It tolerates dust, heat, cold, wet soil, drought, neglect and dimly lighted places. Still not convinced? More on this amazing plant here.

#7. Succulents.


Succulents are cheap and can survive in the harshest of conditions — so are perfect for people who tend to forget watering or who don’t have a green thumb. Find out more here.

#8. Kalanchoe.


Another succulent which deserves a special mention not only because of the beautiful flowers, but also for its amazing anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties. It might be gorgeous, but it’s not demanding — Kalanchoe can store water in its fleshy leaves and stems that enables it to withstand drought. More info here.

#9. Ficus.


Ficus trees are popular indoor plants. They don’t require much care but grow best in bright sunlight. The trees require regular watering from spring to autumn, but you get a break during winter when they need watering only once every 10 days or so. Find out more here.

#10. Mother-in-Law’s Tongue.


Mother-in-Law’s Tongue can grow almost anywhere; dry, dusty rooms, bright sunlight, partial shade — you name it. However, this plant doesn’t like soggy soil, so water sparingly. More on taking care of this plant here.