Arizona Iced Tea founder gave the perfect response when asked why it’s so cheap

Don Vultaggio, the founder of Arizona Iced Tea, has garnered attention and praise for his commitment to keeping the price of his drink at 99 cents. Who would have thought that not squeezing every last dime from customers would make them more loyal? It turns out that maintaining a fair price is a key ingredient to winning over the public and retaining them as customers.

In a 2022 interview with TODAY, Vultaggio shared insights into why his company has consistently maintained the price of their iconic beverage since its inception in May 1992. Despite inflation, competitive price hikes, and expectations of business growth, Arizona Iced Tea has remained an affordable option for consumers.

“People ask, ‘How do you manage that?’ We make it faster. We ship it better. We ship it closer. The cans are thinner,” Vultaggio explained. When Savannah Sellers from TODAY probed about the possibility of raising prices to increase profit margins, Vultaggio simply shrugged and said, “We’re successful. We’re debt-free. We own everything. Why? Why should people struggling to pay rent have to pay more for our drink?”

Don Vultaggio’s approach not only preserves the wallet-friendliness of his product but also reflects a broader ethos of giving back to the community.

Don Vultaggio was able to win over people who don't even buy his drinks.(TODAY/TikTok)

“Maybe it’s my little way to give back,” he added. Regarding future price increases, Vultaggio hinted that while nothing is ever set in stone, he has no plans to raise the cost anytime soon, stating, “not in the foreseeable future. We’re gonna fight as hard as we can for consumers.”

This stance has evidently resonated well with the public, as evident from the buzz on social media. Numerous TikTok users have expressed their newfound loyalty to the brand, citing Vultaggio’s ethos as a significant factor. One user commented, “I never drink Arizona iced tea… I’m about to start buying just because I love this CEO!,” while another suggested, “Ohhh we should all switch over to Arizona tea to show the other companies we support companies like this.”

The drink continues to be a popular choice among those looking for value.

The drink remains a popular choice (Edward Berthelot/Getty Images)

Others shared their personal endorsements, “I only get Arizona tea when I’m looking for a cheap drink. However, I think I’ll be getting it more often now,” and another added, “He’s successful and not greedy. I wish more companies thought like this.”

Indeed, it’s refreshing to see a business that succeeds without compromising its values or taking advantage of its customers. If more companies followed this model, consumers might feel more valued and willing to support them.