30 Arrow Tattoos For Women Who Strive

Arrow drawings are very symbolic, especially for women. There are different types of arrow tattoos, including arrow heads, broken arrows, crossed arrows, arrows piercing hears and others. These images may represent Cupid arrows and being love struck, or the arrows can represent the determination to succeed.

Whether the arrow tattoo is a cute and small wrist tattoo, or a determined shoulder tattoo, there is a place for it on a modern woman’s body. It is not just a place marker or an illustration, because at its simplest, an arrow points the way. Women still struggle in male-dominated society, and an arrow tattoo on a prominent part of the body is a constant reminder of accepting society’s challenge.

1. Small Arrow Tattoo

A lot of women prefer small tattoos over big and detailed ones. These images can be pretty elegant and cute, depending on the elements that you choose. A small arrow tattoo can be placed anywhere you like. You can have it inked on your fingers, wrist, or even behind the ear. Compared with larger pieces, smaller designs will not commit much of your time and money. It is a perfect option for those new to body art. More so, it will not cause much discomfort because the process will be quick and easy. 

2. Sagittarius Arrow Tattoo

If you believe in Zodiac signs, born between November 23 and December 21, a Sagittarius arrow tattoo is perfect for you. The constellation is a grand one depicting the centaur archer. Thus it would be best if you focused on the bow and arrow of the design. Make it more attractive by adding a watercolor galaxy for a super cool and visually entertaining tattoo design.

3. Bow and Arrow Tattoo

A bold bow and arrow tattoo is a fantastic choice for women who want something visually attractive. Some popular placement options for this design include the arm, thigh, and shoulders. It is a significant piece because the weapon is linked with power and strength. Getting this tattoo design is like focusing our energy on the future and leaving all past negativity behind you. Bows are also associated with female power. Thus it is the perfect element for women who celebrate their femininity. 

4. Arrow Name Tattoo

Arrow tattoo designs are beautiful and meaningful designs. Combined with a name tattoo, it becomes a unique way of honoring someone you love. Arrows are linked with direction and strength, and with the name of someone you hold dear means that the person has given you order. On the other hand, you have to be entirely sure about getting inked with a person’s name. Don’t get inked with your boyfriend’s name only to break up with him after a few weeks. 

5. Broken Arrow Tattoo

A broken arrow is useless. It will not serve its intended purpose and will be discarded. But in tattoo form, it carries a significant meaning. A broken arrow tattoo means that the battle is already over. It has a positive connotation in the sense that the wearer has struggled and triumphed over her challenges. It also symbolizes peace, becoming more potent, and being more focused on the future ahead. 

6. Floral Bow and Arrow Tattoo

For a more feminine approach, you can settle for a pretty, floral bow and arrow tattoo. The design is very delicate and elegant because of the light floral design. It looks pretty romantic and can even be used as a symbol of love. You can include your favorite blooms and have them colored beautifully. 

7. Peacock Feather Arrow Tattoo

For a bright and colorful tattoo design, a peacock feather and arrow are a fantastic combination. Peacock feathers look so glamorous, and your simple arrow can look classy and elegant with this plumage. Make sure to put in bright and vibrant colors to bring your tattoo to life.

8. Tribal Arrow Tattoo

Arrows represent power and strength. These two values are very significant for the modern women of today. The Native American culture likely inspires tribal arrow tattoos. They used arrows for protection, hunting, and as weapons. Tribal arrow tattoos are often designed to replicate the original image, which used feathers and shafts from shoots or reeds. It is best to research this first for you to be culturally sensitive and appropriate in your design.    

9. Crossed Arrows Tattoos

A crossed arrows tattoo is an inspiring ink design to consider for friendships that stand the test of time. This image is quite popular amongst friends, siblings, or lovers who are toying with the idea of getting a matching tattoo. It is a simple design that represents protection and direction. Thus it is perfect if you want to pay tribute to your special bond. Also, crossed arrows are a symbol that wards off negative energies and safeguards them from harm. 

10. Semicolon Arrow Tattoo

The semicolon tattoo is a meaningful symbol that you will commonly see on youngsters today. It is a sign that represents your struggles or how you are working through your issues. Semicolon tattoos are a clear reminder that your problems will not last. Thus focus your efforts on the future. The semicolon tattoo is also a symbol of solidarity and strength amid mental health issues. If you have experienced hardships and you want something that will guide you in the right direction, a semicolon arrow tattoo is a meaningful design to wear. This symbolic tattoo design is very eye-catching, best to have it rendered on a spot that you can see every day. 

11. Follow Your Arrow Tattoo

There are various meanings linked with arrow tattoos. Arrows are commonly associated with direction, staying on track, and being focused on the future. Thus they are famous for both men and women. A “follow your arrow” ink design will be an excellent reminder for you to continue following your dreams and to focus on your goals. It can be designed, but others choose to make it unique with details and a font they love.  

12. Arrow Head Tattoo

An arrow without an arrowhead is a useless weapon. If you don’t want to have an arrow tattoo but wish to have something as meaningful and stylish looking, how about an arrowhead instead? It represents protection and courage. For the Native American people, arrows are symbols that safeguard them from harmful energies. Arrowheads are also carried as talismans. Thus getting inked with this image is like wearing a powerful protective symbol as well.

13. Arrow and Lotus Tattoo

The meaningful lotus flower inspires some women because it can bloom even when surrounded by dirty waters. It represents strength, peace, and personal growth. This floral design works beautifully with the arrow tattoo. You can have it designed simply or intricately in full colors and details, depending on your preferences. 

14. Heart and Arrow Tattoo

When you are stuck with Cupid’s bow, you will fall hopelessly in love. However, if you already feel that way about someone, how about getting something that says it all? A heart and arrow tattoo is associated with desire and passion. It is a beautiful ink design for women who prefer a cute but meaningful tattoo. Wearing this tattoo is like showing your affections for a particular person even without having their name inked on your skin. 

15. Three Arrow Tattoo

If you are looking for a friendship tattoo design that you can share with your two best buddies, this three arrow tattoo will be the best symbol of friendship for you. It represents the love and strong bond that you have in your group. It is the perfect tribute for your friends or your siblings. This ink design still has many meanings attached to it, and there are varsious styles to explore. If you love this design, make it more unique with your ideas. 

16. Simple Arrow Tattoo

The simple arrow may not look like much. It has no embellishments, and a plain design. What women like about a simple arrow tattoo is that it is discreet, and unobtrusive. A simple arrow is also easily drawn without and can be finished in one sitting. The arrow signifies direction, and a simple arrow tattoo symbolizes the singular determination needed to accomplish a goal.

17. Arrow Compass Tattoo

Both the arrow and compass are associated directions. These two elements are also a popular tattoo design choice because of their powerful symbolism and meaning. The design represents a new chapter in one’s life and a change of focus. If you are looking for a piece that evokes positivity, this will be a wonderful reminder for you. It is not just symbolic, but it is also an aesthetically appealing piece of art. 

18. Infinity Arrow Tattoo

The infinity symbol is a mathematical sign representing the concept of being infinite or unlimited in time. It is a popular tattoo design because it is linked with everlasting love and eternity. You will also see infinity arrow tattoo designs which have a different meaning. It is a cheerful piece that serves as a reminder that life continues to move, and whatever struggles you are facing it is only temporary. 

19. Native American Arrow Tattoo

You can design an arrow tattoo any way you want. You might find inspiration on how arrows are given importance in the Native American culture. While it serves as a weapon, the arrowhead is considered a symbol of protection. You can seek out the traditional arrowhead design used by the Native Americans for accuracy, especially if you want to stay true to its origin.

20. Warrior Arrow Tattoo

Native American warriors used arrows. It symbolizes power and strength. If you found inspiration from these values, then you should get a warrior arrow tattoo. There are various designs and interpretations connected with this image. Some say it represents struggle and endurance. Apart from the fact that it looks cool and beautiful for an arm tattoo, it is also significant ink to make a statement. 

21. Green Arrow Tattoo

There are different inspirations that people look out for when choosing a tattoo design. It can be from books, poems, or movies. Some die-hard fans of superheroes also get those symbols inked, especially if they find them unique and meaningful. If you love the story of Green Arrow, his good deeds, and his association with Batman, his symbol might inspire your next arrow tattoo. Don’t forget to include those green highlights to have an eye-catching ink design.

22. Feather Arrow Tattoo

This combination of elements is inspired by Native American culture. Feathers and arrows go together because warriors used feathers to stabilize their weapons. A feather ink is associated with strength, wisdom, and honor, while an arrow is about power and direction. Putting these two elements together places a more profound meaning into the design. Women love how it represents freedom and independence. If these values are significant to you, you will find this tattoo design worthwhile body art. 

23. Watercolor Arrow Tattoo

Some women choose classic black ink tattoos for a minimalist approach. But if you prefer something with a pop of color, you should consider getting a watercolor arrow tattoo. This technique will make a statement. It features bright and vivid colors that are well-blended, so they look as if they are painted on your skin. You can have the arrow image in bold black ink and get a splash of watercolor to give life and a distinct design. 

24. Geometric Arrow Tattoo

There are thousands of ways to create an arrow tattoo. You can have simple lines, traditional designs, intricate ones, or choose a unique geometric style. This style is focused on lines and shapes, and from there, it creates something visually complicated and exciting. A geometric arrow tattoo may carry the same meaning, but it may delve deeper into harmony, balance, and symmetry.

25. Mandala Arrow Tattoo

These two popular tattoo designs create an exciting combination when tattooed together as an image. Mandalas feature beautiful and intricate patterns, a style that is well suited with an arrow. This tattoo design is perfect for women who lead a laid-back and minimalistic lifestyle. 

26. Arrow Armband Tattoo

Armband tattoos are popular among young men and women. It is made up of simple lines and comes with personal meanings. For a unique touch to it, you can use an arrow for the band instead. The shaft should go around your arm, and you can also add some color to it.

27. Forearm Arrow Tattoo

Before deciding to have an arrow tattoo, you need to choose a placement based on your lifestyle. Some women prefer to have discreet tattoo designs and keep them on careful placement. However, if you don’t have any visibility issues, go for an arm or forearm arrow tattoo. The forearm is low on the pain scale, so you can have a detailed and intricate arrow design that you love on this spot.

28. Arm Arrow Tattoo

The arm is the most popular placement for long and slender ink designs, such as the arrow tattoo. Women also choose this spot for tattoos that are significant to them. It is obvious for the wearer and the people around her that the tattoo will be scrutinized and appreciated often. Additionally, getting inked on the arm is not as painful as it would be on other bony and sensitive parts of the body. 

29. Wrist Arrow Tattoo

A lot of women find wrist tattoos to be visually pleasing and inspiring. The spot is obvious to the wearer and the people around her. Thus, it is perfect for a tattoo design that is meaningful and symbolic. A wrist arrow tattoo is something that you won’t regret having. Its meaning will reach out to you every day and remind you why you get it inked in the first place. Some choose simple designs, but others opt for an intricate design. Though it is a lovely spot for a tattoo, you may experience discomfort in the process.   

30. Arrow Finger Tattoo

For subtle tattoo designs, you can choose tiny images and simple designs for your ink. Arrow finger tattoos are ideal for women who love dainty and cute designs. This spot only works with small and straightforward arrow designs, so you don’t need all those extra details. But while it is trendy, you should also be aware that finger tattoos cause more pain and discomfort than other placements. The ink design may also fade faster because of exposure and frequency of use. 


What does a feather and an arrow tattoo mean?

There is heavy symbolism when two images are brought together in a single tattoo. The feather is a symbol of freedom, and independent thinking. On the other hand, the arrow tattoo means direction and resolve. Together the feather and arrow tattoo signifies as educated resolve and a focused growth.

What does a crossed arrow tattoo on a woman mean?

The crossed arrow is a symbol for unity and friendship. It also symbolizes a truce. The crossed arrow can be matching tattoos between friends. However, if the arrows point away from one another, it can also mean a conflict.

What does a three arrow tattoo mean?

A group three or more arrows can be used to signify a unified group of three or more individuals. It refers to the friends who “have your back.” In the same manner, it also refers to instances where one of the arrows break and the two arrows support and carry the load for all three.

What does a broken arrow tattoo mean?

In Native American culture, a broken arrow usually means peace or a truce. With a broken weapon, the warrior cannot go to fight, therefore when he breaks an arrow, he brave is signifying peace between him and a rival tribe.

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