Artist Creates Adorably Tiny And Detailed Miniature Pottery By Hand

Artist Jon Almeda makes pottery. But not just any kind of pottery, mind you.

Jon creates tiny ceramics by hand. Exactly how tiny? Why, tiny enough to balance on a toothbrush…

… Or a golf ball!

The most wonderful thing about Jon’s miniatures is that despite their diminutive size, they are every bit as detailed as their full-sized counterparts.

Jon is able to achieve this extremely high level of detail by using a motorized curio wheel that he specifically designed for his small scale ceramics.

Of course, Jon’s precise handiwork and mad skills come into play, as well.

And don’t let the fragile look of Jon’s creations fool you because they are actually sturdy enough to handle standard firing and glazing, similar to other ceramics.

The results are stunning, to say the least.

Real works of art.

Here’s Jon in action.

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