Avengers Role Reversal: Mark Ruffalo Answers Sexist Questions Usually Aimed At Scarlett Johansson

Celebrity interviews are always fun to watch, so it can be quite easy to overlook the fact that they can get a tad sexist — something that Scarlett Johansson was quick to point out in a press conference for the first Avengers film.

“Why does he [Robert Downey Jr.] get the really interesting existential question and I get the rabbit food question?” she snapped at one reporter.

Well, considering that she got asked whether she wore knickers under her Avengers jumpsuit about five times a day throughout that tour, it’s no wonder we got to see a bit of the famous black widow temper.

So for a recent The Avengers: Age of Ultron interview, Cosmopolitan UK decided to give Scarlett a break from the banality of it all, and ask one of her male co-stars the more trite questions, instead.

Thankfully, he didn’t turn green and answered everything thrown his way like a champ.

He was able to share his diet and fitness regimen.

He also told us about his red carpet outfit for the film premiere (Burberry), and even struck a pose or two.

What. A. Guy.

Scarlett, meanwhile, finally got to talk about the things that mattered, like doing her own stunts.

You go, girl!

Watch the hilarious interview in full right here.

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