24 Photobomb Babies Who Just Can’t Help But Get In The Way

If there’s one thing that babies love, it’s getting in the way of a good photo! These photobomb babies just can’t help but ham it up for the camera, and their hijinks are sure to make you smile. From sticking their tongues out to making funny faces, these little ones will have you laughing out loud. So before you snap your next family portrait, be prepared for some unexpected cuteness!

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1. Expect that baby to be everywhere, even third wheelin’ on your “sexy time”.

2. Squeezing in between a kiss is one douche move that most babies have perfected.

3. All photos for the next seven or so years will bear no face of yours, or your spouse’s.

4. Can someone please arrest this baby for photobombing?

5. And throw this one in the same cell, too.

6. Get down from there, baby. You are not an antenna, you are a baby.

7. Ahh, my favorite soup recipe: carrots, potatoes, beef, baby…wait what? Get out of there kid!

8. Bless his heart for trying to do yoga… but we all know what’s going to be the most likely outcome of this innocent yoga-ing (hint: baby poop)

9. That moment when you realise your baby has swapped places with tonight’s dinner.

10. Too much Christmas eggnog, maybe?

11. Don’t take it personally… Lucy prefers a female president, that’s all.

12. “Beat it, creep. You gotta go through me first.”

13. Ratings went waaaaay up for this game. Maybe the matching tie and pocket square did the trick.

14. They’re enjoying his misery a little too much.

15. “1, 2, say… no-Christmas-gifts-this-year!”

16. Sometimes, you just really have to go.

17. “Is it my fault I have a bladder the size of a grape?”

18. They said she could be anything. So she became a handbag.

19. Go hiking with your baby, they said. It’ll be fun, they said.

20. Sheila was camera-shy since she was a baby. Although she never said it, her parents just knew.

21. “What do you mean I can’t access my trust fund til I’m 21?”

22. “Did you get what she said about unicellular protists? I was too busy taking notes on Protozoan ecology.”

23. Looks like this baby was really bent on photobombing this couple.

24. No one gets between this man and cake — no one.