25 Best Back Tattoos for Men

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next tattoo, look no further than the back. The back provides a large canvas for a variety of designs, and men’s back tattoos can be both unique and stylish. From geometric shapes to tribal designs, there are plenty of options to choose from. Here are 25 of the best back tattoos for men.

1. Spine Back Tattoo

Spine tattoos are some of the best ink inspirations for men, thanks to their bold look. They make good statement pieces. But this tattoo design is only ideal if you’ve had previous experience of getting inked. That’s because tattooing the spine can be extremely painful. After all, there are plenty of nerves in that area. However, this tattoo idea is perfect if you don’t mind the pain and want an eye-catching piece. 

2. Tribal Back Tattoo 

Tribal back tattoos are a popular choice among men, thanks to their bold appearance. This style forms unique figures and designs. It was a popular tattoo design for men in the 1990s, and it’s still thriving in popularity today. After all, it gives tattoo designs a more masculine and badass look. It’s the perfect back tattoo design since it doesn’t contain any straight lines. So that means the tattoo will move along with your muscles, making it look realistic. 

3. Neck and Back Tattoo

Collar-styled tattoos are becoming popular among men. So if you’re considering getting a back tattoo, there’s never been a better time to expand it up to your neck. Or, you can take a subtler approach by getting a back tattoo starting from the top of your spine and letting it end just below your hairline. There are several tattoo designs you can incorporate into a neck and back tattoo. But the most popular styles among men are patterns or animals since they leave a lasting impression. 

4. Full Back Tattoo

If you’re getting a back tattoo for the first time, why not get the most out of it and get a full back tattoo. But keep in mind that these types of tattoos usually take a lot of money and time. So only get one when you’re ready for it. However, regardless of these factors, getting a full-back tattoo is worth it. After all, they become a work of art, representing your commitment to tattoos. Plus, since the wearer can’t see them without mirrors, they’re often the most meaningful and powerful tattoos. 

5. Shoulder and Back Tattoo

If you’re looking for a large-scale tattoo, a shoulder and back tattoo are ideal. It’s a tattoo design that wraps around your shoulders down to your back. The most popular variation among men is the suit of armor tattoo or wings since they work well into the shoulder and back. Or, you can take your existing shoulder tattoos or sleeves to the next level by expanding them to your back. 

6. Religious Back Tattoo

A religious tattoo is a perfect representation of one’s devotion to their faith. These tattoos vary in size and design. Because of this, they’re a great tattoo idea for men’s back tattoos. They can add different elements to the piece and decide where to have it. For instance, you can add them onto the upper back only or the entire back. The only limit is your imagination. So use your creativity and tell your story through body art. 

7. Upper Back Tattoo

The upper back is one of the most popular placements for men’s tattoos. That’s because it’s one of the smoothest and flattest places of the human body. It’s the perfect canvas for intricate and detailed tattoo designs. Plus, many men choose the upper back for the placement since it’s easy to conceal and show. The most popular upper back tattoo designs are name tattoos, mimicking a player’s surname on a sport’s jersey. Overall, make sure to choose a meaningful design representing yourself. After all, the upper back will draw focus when you take your shirt off. 

8. Cross Back Tattoo

The cross is the most well-known symbol in Christianity, making it a popular choice among religious men. The back is the best canvas for cross tattoos since its ample space gives the artist more freedom to add more details. Get the most out of the piece by adding other aspects of your life and heritage. These include your favorite Bible verses or religious patterns like the Celtic knot. 

9. Wings Back Tattoo

Wings tattoos are popular among men, and the best placement for them is the back. They often have spiritual meanings, representing the wearer’s desire to become a better person overall. That or break free from their problems and setbacks. Meanwhile, other men choose to get a back wings tattoo to symbolize Viking culture or the Norse society as a whole. Regardless, back wings tattoos are guaranteed to look fantastic and grab attention. 

10. Angel Back Tattoo

Angels are holy beings associated with different things. They can have varying meanings among men. For instance, the archangel St. Michael is a popular choice among religious men since he’s one of the most influential heavenly beings. Meanwhile, the archangel St. Gabriel is the messenger of God, representing purity and honesty. Either way, an angel back tattoo is bound to look cool. 

11. Dragon Back Tattoo

Dragon tattoos are popular among men since they’re referred to as powerful creatures. Plus, the dragon is a versatile tattoo option since it can be shaped to fit your body. For a dragon back tattoo, you have limitless designs to consider. These designs can range from a Chinese dragon curved around your back muscles to a roaring dragon breathing fire across your shoulders.

12. Eagle Back Tattoo

Eagles are among the most popular animals when it comes to tattoo designs, especially among men. That’s because this bird of prey is known for its ability to soar high and hunt precisely. Also, the eagle is the national symbol of the United States, making it a patriotic tattoo concept for American men. Although most men opt to get a photorealistic eagle tattoo, the old-school black ink art style gives it a more dynamic look. 

13. Phoenix Back Tattoo

The phoenix is a mythical creature that many men can relate to since it’s often associated with power and rebirth. In legends, the phoenix rises from ashes and is reborn more vigorously than ever. So if you’ve experienced hardships in your life or have recently resolved an issue, a back phoenix tattoo is ideal. After all, not only is the mythical bird meaningful, the image also looks fantastic in large inking. So it’s a perfect piece for your back. 

14. Japanese Back Tattoo

Japanese tattoos are popular among men because of their appearance and rich symbolism. They have a distinctive and eye-catching style, making them the perfect ink inspiration for your back tattoo. Although traditional Japanese tattoos are done by hand, you can still get the same effect with the modern needle gun method. To get the full impact of a Japanese back tattoo, make sure to have them in vibrant colors and bold shadings. 

15. Quote Back Tattoo

Quote back tattoos are an excellent way to showcase your personality or values that you hold dear. Also, they can act as a reminder of the things most important to you. So make sure to choose a quote that can inspire you every day. Whether it’s a line from a movie, book, or song, make sure it summarizes your feelings about life. It’s also worth noting that since your back offers plenty of space, consider experimenting with the tattoo’s placement. For instance, you can have the artist ink the words down your spine, creating a unique visual effect. 

16. Wolf Back Tattoo

Wolves live in packs, symbolizing their allegiance and loyalty. That’s why this nocturnal animal has become one of the most popular tattoo designs for men. So besides looking cool and mysterious, getting a back wolf tattoo shows off your resonation with these traits. It’s common for best friends or fathers and sons to get matching wolf tattoo designs. 

17. Lion Back Tattoo

The lion is a popular tattoo design for men. That’s because the animal symbolizes traits that many men resonate with, including courage and strength. Generally, a back lion tattoo represents the bravery of the wearer, signifying them overcoming a challenge or hardship. Additionally, it can also be a design used to showcase the wearer’s zodiac sign, Leo the lion. Regardless, lion tattoos always look no matter the placement. But having a back lion tattoo allows the artists to add more details, making it look more realistic. 

18. Zodiac Back Tattoo

There are twelve different zodiac or star signs. Each sign has its unique meaning, style, and significance to a person. That’s why if you’re one of the few men who are interested in astrology or their values hold meaning to you, consider getting a zodiac-themed back tattoo. Of course, you should get a tattoo of your zodiac sign. If you’re looking to go all out, get a full back tattoo of your star sign like two fishes for Pisces and a mermaid goat for Capricorn. But if you want to keep it simple, get a minimalist design of your sign’s logo. 

19. Portrait Back Tattoo

If you’re looking to get a unique back tattoo, consider getting a portrait back tattoo. These tattoos are particular, making them the perfect tattoo concept for men who want to stand out. Plus, since the back provides plenty of space, artists can add more details to the portrait design. It allows tattoo artists to make the tattoo photorealistic, enabling you to make a more significant impact. No matter whose portrait you use, this kind of tattoo will denote the love and admiration you have for them. The most common portrait tattoos that men get are pictures of loved ones, celebrities, mentors, or fictional characters. 

20. Badass Back Tattoo

What’s considered a badass tattoo depends on the person’s taste. So when picking a badass tattoo design, decide on the message you’re looking to state with your body art. For example, if you’re looking to make your back tattoo scary, animal tattoos are a great choice. These include creatures like tigers, bears, or lions. Meanwhile, a gun-themed tattoo design is an excellent option if you want a more robust and masculine tattoo. So explore your creativity and think big! Regardless, the only limit here is your imagination. 

21. Skull Back Tattoo

Skulls are a classic symbol favored among men for years. That’s because they’re one of the coolest-looking and meaningful symbols. After all, human skulls are usually linked with death, making for an awesome Gothic-theme tattoo. If you’re looking to add more meaning to the piece, a few men combine back skull tattoos with flowers. This combination represents the brevity of life, celebrating life as a whole. Other designs include skulls of animals or Day of the Dead-inspired Mexican sugar skulls. 

22. Geometric Back Tattoo

For a modern take on back tattoos, geometric tattoos are ideal. These inkings focus on abstract patterns, creating a unique figure that works well into a tattoo. They’re becoming more and more popular among men in recent years because they’re adaptable. That means geometric back tattoos can adapt to any design you want. 

23. Nature Back Tattoo

Nature tattoos will always look serene. But they’re much more meaningful than just a stunning design. So when getting a nature back tattoo, make sure to pick a symbol that can best represent you. The most popular nature elements for men’s tattoos are mountains, forests, oceans, waves, birds, and trees. 

24. Middle Back Tattoo

Middle-back tattoos go between the upper and lower back sections. It minimizes the visibility, making it perfect for professional men. Plus, it’s a great place to start for men who want to add new inkings to their bodies later. Most middle-back tattoos for men usually get aligned with the spine. The best tattoo design for these are linear patterns, but they can be painful. Overall, men can get stunning yet edgy pieces here. These include long dragons, snakes, words, or trees. 

25. Lower Back Tattoo 

Although lower back tattoos are traditionally considered feminine, they’re becoming more popular among men today. That’s because these tattoos can be as masculine as they want, as long as they choose suitable designs. From wings to tribal art, these are good design concepts for lower back tattoos for men. But be careful when selecting a tattoo idea and ask for your artist’s assistance. After all, getting the wrong design can make it look inappropriate. 


Do Men Get Lower Back Tattoos?

Although lower back tattoos are considered feminine, men can also get them. You can look masculine and cool as long as you choose the right design. From tribal tattoos to geometric designs, lower back tattoos are for men too. 

What Do Back Tattoos Mean?

Back tattoos usually show that the wearer is putting someone behind them. But like most placements, back tattoos may not carry any particular meaning at all. Either way, the back is a popular tattoo location since they’re easily concealable. 

Is Getting a Back Tattoo A Good Idea?

If you want to get an elaborate and meaningful piece, a back tattoo is a good idea. But like most tattoos, you need to consider a few things before getting one. Firstly, the back is a more traditional location for tattoos. That’s because they’re easily concealable. Next, aftercare for back tattoos is more challenging. Lastly, back tattoos are generally expensive. So, before getting one, consider these things beforehand. 

Do Back Tattoos Hurt?

A great thing about back tattoos is that they sit on the further end of the pain scale. That’s because it’s filled with muscle and fatty tissue. But remember that it can hurt across the ribs or down the spine due to the nerve endings. Overall, back tattoos don’t hurt as much.