37 Really Bad Dad Jokes Only Dads Can Get Away With

We’ve all heard them before. The dad jokes that make you groan, your eyes roll into the back of your head, and you just can’t help but facepalm. But for some reason, we still love them. Maybe it’s because they make us laugh in spite of ourselves. Or maybe it’s because we know that our dads are just trying to be funny (even if they’re not always successful). Whatever the reason, there’s no denying that bad dad jokes are a staple in many families.

So what makes a dad joke so terrible? Often, it’s the combination of a corny pun or play on words with a painfully obvious punchline. Dad jokes also tend to be somewhat “dad-centric,” focusing on subjects like sports, cars, or grilling. And of course, they’re usually delivered in a deadpan voice, which just makes them all the more cringe-worthy.

But in spite of (or perhaps because of) all this, we can’t help but love dad jokes. So next time your dad busts out one of his classics, try to appreciate it.

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#1. Dads. They mean well. But their jokes kind of… suck.


#2. Well, I do admit they sometimes crack me up.

#3. Especially when they hit the nail on the head.


#4. But most of the time you just coin-ot help but groan when they pull out the ol’ one-liner, especially if they do it on Instagram.


#5. I mean… they’re just a real pizza work.

#6. Not even a beautiful scenic view is spared.


#7. I just don’t get the a-peel.


#8. And when you call them out on it, they just go, “Oops, I did it again!”


#9. Can’t they sea how it’s affecting us? We wanna a-pier cool to our friends!


#10. It’s so ruff being a kid, and dads unleashing their funny on Instagram just makes it harder.


#11. Someone should invent an oinkment for this disease of sorts.


#12. I mean, it’s a-boat time they put an end to this.



#13. Those jokes don’t turn you into prints charming, dad.


#14. Good one…



#15. Please try to stop him from getting to any form of social media.


#16. Before it’s too late.


#17. And before he gets you, too.


#18. But we’re not done yet…

#19. Check out this revelation.

#20. This dad joke that we’ve all experienced.

#21. This dad who’s just looking out for his kid.

#22. This dad catering to his cat’s artistic tastes.

#23. This quick succession of dad jokes.

#24. This dad who didn’t miss a beat.

#25. This dramatic dad.

#26. This dad joke that backfired.

#27. This next-level dad joke.

#28. This dad who doesn’t forget.

#29. This dad who abused his parent power.

#30. This dad who thought he was getting a taste of his own medicine.

#31. This supportive guy who still fulfilled his dad-joking duty.

#32. Butt-dad won’t stand for your cheek.

#33. This kid who asked for an eBook.

#34. No dad can resist.

#35. This ultimate dad burn.

#36. This dad whose sense of humor is criminal.

#37. Let’s end with a win! Now this is groan-worthy but funny.