A Couple Shared Their “Disgusting” Tipping Policy And People Are Furious

A couple who shared a “clever” new way of tipping found themselves at the center of a huge online backlash after people branded the method “disgusting”.

The anonymous couple shared that at the start of the dinner they place $5 in singles on the table. Each time the server “messes up”, they take away $1, saying it ensures “the best service”.


“The waitress kept looking at it like she was confused,” said the post, “But she played her cards right, did a great job, and received the whole 5 bucks.”

“I did take away a dollar because she forgot the bread, but she bounced back and gave us extra,” the couple added, “Try it, you will be surprised!”

Unsurprisingly, everyone from chefs to waitresses and regular restaurant-goers were appalled by the idea.


One guy said it’s people like this couple that are why he never tips below 20%.

While others mocked the couple for thinking they were being super generous with their $5 tip.

And others pointed out that the waitress probably had the last laugh.