Shocking New Research Shows Carbs Greatly Increase Lung Cancer Risk

You better rethink that baguette, because startling new research suggests that certain carb-rich foods like bagels, white bread, baguettes, and even white rice can increase your risk of lung cancer by as much as 49%.


In fact, these high glycemic foods can dramatically increase lung cancer risk regardless of whether or not you are a smoker. Yikes!


This groundbreaking study is the largest of its kind ever to be conducted that investigates whether glycemic index is linked to lung cancer.

The glycemic index measures how high your blood sugar levels go after you’ve eaten carbs. The higher the index, the faster blood sugar rises after ingestion. This process also increases insulin and glucose levels in the blood — what experts call “insulin-like growth factors.”

These growth factors were found to be directly associated with a drastically increased risk of lung cancer.


“Accumulating evidence suggests that dietary factors may modulate lung cancer risk,” explained Xifeng Wu, senior author of the study.

“Diets high in fruits and vegetables may decrease risk, while increased consumption of red meat, saturated fats and dairy products have been shown to increase lung cancer risk.”


Lung cancer is one of the deadliest diseases in the US and has one of the highest mortality rates. New studies are finding that there’s plenty of habits to be worried about besides smoking; unfortunately, this includes your daily dose of carbs.

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“The results from this study suggest that, besides maintaining healthy lifestyles, such as avoiding tobacco, limiting alcohol consumption, and being physically active, reducing the consumption of foods and beverages with high glycemic index may serve as a means to lower the risk of lung cancer,” Wu said.

However, there is good news to be had — there are plenty of “good carbs” waiting to be consumed. Think veggies, whole fruit, legumes, potatoes, and whole grains. Perhaps even (gasp) pasta! Whole wheat pasta, of course. (Just don’t overindulge with any Elf-like cravings!)


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