19 Times Companies Were Hilariously Sassy On Twitter

You’d expect most companies to take their social media accounts pretty seriously and stick to boring old corporate tweets, but these maverick brands are showing their sassy side.

#1. Virgin Trains were not impressed when Josh called them “basic”.

#2. And London Overground trains had helpful advice when one guy blamed their service for his lateness.

#3. Tesco Mobile are just about done with bad jokes.

#4. And they’re definitely not giving out free milkshakes.

#5. Burn.

#6. Tesco’s not the only supermarket with sass — spunky Lidl tweeted this when Zayn left One Direction.

#7. BBC Three were just about done with everyone’s piss-taking.

#8. They even took on E4.

#9. The Metropolitan Police refused to apologise for the noise their police helicopters were making.

#10. Washington Post doesn’t care for your abuse, Tim Sloan.

#11. And Deadspin had just three words for Donald Trump.

#12. UK political parties just couldn’t help themselves.


#13. Sega weren’t impressed with this guy’s Twitter handle.

#14. Taco Bell and Old Spice went public to settle the score.

#15. And O2 were too busy to follow this guy’s advice.

#16. And after the release of the Apple Watch, Innocent took aim.

#17. Royal Mail couldn’t resist a naughty dig at this would-be complainer.

#18. So much sass.

#19. Ouch.

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