Artist Paints Stunning Artwork On Baby Bumps So Moms Can “Connect With Their Baby”

This mother-of-one body painter is making sure every woman’s pregnancy is a work of art.

32-year-old Fatima Alfonso is known in Spain for her incredible artworks as a body painter.

Fatima has been painting bodies for 14 years and always wondered what it would be like to paint a pregnant woman’s belly. It wasn’t until about three years ago she finally got to do her first baby bump painting on a friend.

Since then, Fatima has painted over 200 baby bumps.

“I love to paint the bellies of these would-be moms. It’s always exciting and for mothers, it’s a beautiful experience as they feel relaxed and more connected with their baby. I too had it when I was expecting and I can relate with the happiness and pleasure the painting on our bellies brings,” she said.

Fatima admits that the concept of baby bump painting took a while for some women to accept, but the results always came out incredible, and the trend eventually caught on.

She uses water-based body makeup, which is basically watercolor for skin and totally safe to use.

“It is great to see women coming to me for the experience. While I recommend a mother enjoys the belly painting most during the sixth and eighth month of pregnancy, there are many women who come for it during the second or third month as a way to announce the good news to their family and friends.”

The baby bump painting designs include adorable mother-and-child animals, cute baby feet, and even some neon artwork.

“Every mother is different and has her own taste, hobbies and stories to tell,” Fatima said. “Sometimes they come up with a particular design in mind and others ask me for ideas.”

The most amazing thing about the process, Fatima says? The kicking!

“The baby can feel the energy of her mother and brushstrokes are a great sensor stimuli, so it is very normal that during the session the baby will kick. It is one of the best things to see.”

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