Brother Takes Little Sister To Her First Father-Daughter Dance After Their Dad Walked Out

Going to a father-daughter dance is a special moment for any little girl, but 6-year-old Noor Hasher feared she’d miss out after her parents divorced and she’d lost contact with her father.

Little Noor wore her special dress around the house anyway and, when her big brother, 17-year-old Mohammed, asked her why she was wearing her gown just to sit on the couch, she told him she was sad she couldn’t go to the dance.

So awesome big bro Mohammed stepped up and told Noor he’d take her to the dance.

“I wasn’t going to let my little sister be the one out of all her friends to not be at the dance,” he said.

So he went and bought his little sister a new outfit for the dance, and they both went to the salon to get their hair done together.


At the event, the siblings danced together all night and Noor didn’t miss the chance to socialize with all her friends.

And Mohammed even won the “Best Dad” award!


“The night was awesome,” said Mohammed, “It filled my heart with happiness seeing Noor dance with so much joy and have fun with all of her friends.”

Mohammed shared what he’d done on Twitter, and it quickly received thousands of likes and retweets as his heartwarming gesture went viral.


“The dance was a blast,” added Mohammed, “My family is my world, my baby sister especially. I was beyond happy to make it a night she will remember forever.”

“It was so beautiful to see how happy she was and how much fun she had.”

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