The 25 Best Feelings In The World

Life offers much pleasure. While some things may feel better than others (we’re looking at you, toe-curling orgasms), a few other incredible sensations also deserve acknowledgement. Like the feeling…

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#1. When you take a test and find everything you studied for on it.

Hard work that pays off is always something to celebrate.

#2. When someone offers to pay for your meal.

The fastest way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach… And free Chipotle.

#3. When you go to bed knowing you don’t have to be up at any given time the next day.

Ahhhh, sleep! <3

#4. When you finally get to pee when you’re super drunk.

And in a clean bathroom!!!

#5. When you do car-aoke and get all the lyrics down.

*mic drop*

#6. When you take the first bite (or smell) of a food you’ve been craving for for days.

Ultimate foodgasm~

#7. When you finally get in your own bed after being away from it for a long time.

The hardest goodbye, but the best hello.

#8. When you wake up to the smell of breakfast food.

Best thing to wake up to, honestly.

#9. When you wake up and realise you still have a few more minutes (or hours) to get some extra z’s.

10 more minutes makes all the difference.

#10. When a random baby smiles at you.

“The tiny human approves of me!!”

#11. When you get to take a goddamn number 2 in peace.

Asjfhakfjdhgafrick yeah!

#12. When you get home after a long day and finally get into some comfy sweats or pyjamas.

PJs? More like, P-Yey!

#13. When you get your hair shampooed at the salon and they give a bonus scalp massage.

You never know how bad you needed one until it actually happens.

#14. When an event you didn’t want to go to gets cancelled.

Yaaas, girl!

#15. When a dog gets so excited to see you and their tail just starts wagging like crazy.

Being validated and approved by a dog is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

#16. When you stretch yourself out sooooooo good that you let out a long yawn.


#17. When you check your bank account and find that that direct deposit went through.

Make it raaaaiiiiiiinnn~

#18. When you hear a new song and get chills.

Because it’s just that good.

#19. When you finally get that thing stuck in your teeth out.

Especially when it’s been bothering you the whole damn day.

#20. When you put on warm clothes fresh from the dryer.

Like a warm hug<3

#21. When you finally find out/realize who sang that song that’s been stuck in your head all day.

And then you can finally listen to that song on repeat.

#22. When you go to a concert and you just feel so into the moment.

Even Snapchat couldn’t interrupt it.

#23. When you hang out with your friends until sunrise and you couldn’t be more awake.

Because they’re THAT fun to be with.

#24. When you go on a road trip and come prepared with the perfect playlist.

Because playlists make up like 50% of the whole trip.

#25. When you’re curled up in blankets with a hot drink and a good movie while it’s raining outside.

Peace at last.