30 Best Friend Tattoos To Celebrate Your Friendship

Best friends are precious. They’re people outside your family who you can trust, bond, and have fun with through thick and thin. Whether you met your best friend when you were a child or later into adulthood, yours is a bond that can never be broken. So, why not show your appreciation for each other and get matching tattoos? Here are some ideas that can inspire you.

1. Matching Tattoos

A logical choice for best friend tattoos is those that match! You can explore hundreds of options when choosing an element or image that you want to get inked. You may also create something unique for you both. When deciding on a matching tattoo, be sure that both of you love the design and the meaning behind it. It is similar to matching couple tattoos but serves as a bond for your friendship. It is because you see the world in the same way and with the same mindset. If you consider your friend to be your soulmate, a matching tattoo is perfect for you. 

2. Small Best Friend Tattoos

Often friends celebrate their special bond by getting matching tattoos that are symbolic to them. Small tattoo designs are low-pain and low-cost. Thus you and your friend will enjoy the process. Ideally, you should get a design that is quick to draw and goes well with black ink. You can consider the images for a small ink design: initials, lucky numbers, or symbols from movies, books, or songs you love. 

3. Cute Tattoos

Do you share a playful and sweet personality with your friend? A cute tattoo will be a great way of giving tribute to your long-lasting relationship. You can opt for cute animal tattoos, favorite cartoon characters, or hugging fingers, which are popular choices for best friend tattoos.   

4. Simple Tattoos

Like your friendship, your best friend tattoo does not need to be complex to be meaningful. Friendships are best celebrated with simple tattoos that both of you can proudly wear. Some choose to get inked with their initials; others opt for geometric lines, dots, or shapes. If you share the same faith, you may also celebrate it with a simple religious symbol like a cross or crescent moon. Some popular choices for a simple tattoo are the finger, wrist, and behind the ear. 

5. Symbol Tattoos

For a symbol tattoo, you should do some research to get the perfect meaning that you want for you both. For something minimalist, you can try double triangles or lighting symbols. The double triangle is popular among young friends because it represents creativity and new beginnings.

6. Quote Tattoos

Quotes are poetic summaries of your thoughts and feelings. A quote tattoo can be anything from your favorite play, book, songs, or movies. You can have a matching quote tattoo or have the first part on yourself and the second part on your best friend. The quote is halved and only becomes complete every time you are together. 

7. Heart Tattoos

The heart is a universally known symbol of love. It is a trendy tattoo design choice that is not limited to couples. Siblings, families, and best friends can also opt for unique heart tattoo designs and they work just as well. It is easy enough to style and design heart tattoos to match your personal preferences. You can add some floral touches, as well as butterflies, stars, and similar decor. The colors of your heart tattoos will also say something about your personality. For instance, yellow hearts represent friendship and happiness, and the color green is about trust. When you choose a heart tattoo, there will be no mistaking the strong bond you have with your best friend. 

8. Infinity Symbol Tattoos

Another way you can express the strength of your relationship with your best friend is by choosing the infinity symbol. It shows your bond has stood the test of time, and you have overcome struggles together. The infinity symbol can be inked on its own, or it can be customized with words and phrases that best describe your friendship. A popular design for best friends is to create two arrows intertwined into an infinity symbol. 

9. Sun and Moon Tattoos

Sun and moon tattoos are famous for couples, but also work well in friendships that involve two different people who compliment one another. The sun is associated with extroverted and outgoing individuals, while the moon represents introverts and the more reserved individuals. When combined in a tattoo design, these two elements represent perfect unity and balance, like how your friendship is – ideal no matter your differences. 

10. Butterfly Tattoos

Some of the prettiest tattoo designs include butterflies. These colorful insects turn from caterpillars into winged creatures. Thus, it is a symbol of transformation, freedom, and nature. In the Christian faith, butterflies also represent transformation and rebirth. It is the perfect tattoo design for best friends who appreciate the same values associated with the butterfly.

11. Flower Tattoos

There are so many meanings associated with flower tattoos. So when choosing the perfect blooms to share, consider other traits besides the loveliness of its appearance. For instance, the rose symbolizes love in its many forms, while sunflowers are associated with brightness and happiness. You may also look into potential birth flowers as there are birthstones for each month. 

12. Yin and Yang Tattoos

The yin and yang symbols are popular tattoo design choices for both men and women. It can also work out great as a best friend tattoo. The symbols represent two different elements that complement each other. It came from Eastern philosophy and is known as a symbol of harmony and internal balance. For women, the design elements can be designed with other images. Some have tried to combine it with the mandala, which symbolizes perfect harmony, unity, and wholeness.  

13. Arrow Tattoos

Arrow tattoos are meaningful choices because they represent life journeys. Two crossed arrows are known as the universal symbol of friendship. So it is a perfect choice for friends who grew up together. You can add other elements into this ink, such as initials, leaves, and flowers. 

14. Friends Playing Telephone

This tattoo design is a nostalgic choice because it features a telephone toy made of cans and a string. You and your best friend can share a creative piece, especially if you make a long-distance friendship work.

15. Half Tattoos

Half tattoos show that you are two halves of a whole, as the design will only complete when you are both together. When apart, seeing your ink will remind you of your best friend and that you are never alone. The image is best as a small tattoo and placed on ankles, fingers, or wrists. 

16. Lock and Key Tattoos

Some might say that this tattoo design combination is only reserved for couples. But it also works wonderfully for best friends, especially if see them as soulmates. Lock and key tattoos mean that you bring out the best in each other, and you unlock your fullest potential. It may represent people or things that are very precious such as your friendship.  

17. Wings Tattoos

Wing tattoos are not just aesthetically pleasing, but they are also significant. For birds to fly, they need a pair of wings that move in the same direction. Best friends should consider this special symbolism, and each one should get one wing. It becomes a pair when you are together. It also means that you are unstoppable because you lift each other.

18. Best Friend Long Distance Tattoos

If you and your best friends are separated by great distances, you can still pay tribute to one another by getting this best friend distance tattoo. Next time you are together, schedule a visit to a tattoo artist and get a bond that will remind you of one another even when you must part ways again. 

19. To Infinity and Beyond (Toy Story) Tattoos

This line was made famous in the movie “Toy Story.” It is the catchphrase of Buzz Lightyear, and it sums up everything about friendship. For best friends who loved the film, this quote will serve as a reminder of your adventures in the past and the ones that await you. 

20. XO Symbols Tattoo

For a delicate and cute tattoo that you can have with your best friend, the XO symbol is a perfect choice. It subtly shows your affection for each other. XO is a universal symbol representing Hugs and Kisses. 

21. Matching Palm Trees Tattoo

If you and your best friend are obsessed with tropical destinations or you want to reminisce about your getaways, a matching palm tree with waves is an ideal tattoo choice. It is cute and will make a statement piece when people see it while you are together. 

22. Matching Bird Tattoos

Consider getting a matching bird tattoo design for a classic tattoo choice that you and your best friend will love. Each species represents something meaningful, and indeed you can find something that you resonate with. For instance, sparrows represent loyalty and will be an ideal choice if you promise not to let each other down. Birds also represent freedom. Thus they are the best choices for free-spirited souls. 

23. Funny Matching Tattoos

Laughter is one of the best gifts of having great friends. It’s a blessing if you and your best friend share the same sense of humor. Your funny tattoo can be something cheeky, dirty, or a secret joke that you two share. An excellent suggestion for funny best friend tattoos is the kind that other people will only understand when they see you together.  

24. Cool Matching Tattoos

Best friends who share artistic, unique, or edgy styles will love cool tattoo designs. These tattoos are more about being on-trend with new art, so be sure to choose an artist that can give life to your desired designs. Ideally, cool tattoos are made with black line drawings and without any shading. Its minimalist flair will look striking if you and your best friend have fair skin. Cool tattoos should not look too complicated or confusing. They are designed to be simple but meaningful for your friendship.

25. Heart with a Plane Tattoo

This tattoo design is another fantastic option for travel buddies. If you and your best friend love traveling around the world, this is a great choice!

26. Best Friends Forever Tattoo

Nothing beats this old-school saying about friendship. You can have the “best friend forever” term linked together with your best friend to celebrate your friendship that has stood the test of time. A handwritten script will look dainty and delicate inked on the wrist with this promising phrase. 

27. Bestfriend Sister Tattoo

Some girls are so lucky to have found a best friend in their sister. A sibling who is also your best friend has so many advantages – and you have twice the reason to get a sister/best friend tattoo together. One cute idea to showcase your strong bond is to choose a design that makes sense when you put them side by side. It means that you are two parts of the same whole. Or you can opt for an excellent matching ink like the Celtic Sisters Knot. 

28. Guy and Girl Best Friend Tattoos

For best friends of the opposite sex, getting a guy and girl best friend tattoo will ensure that you both receive designs that work with each of your styles. Neutral symbols and elements that do not look too romantic, overly masculine, or feminine are ideal choices for these types of platonic relationships. Some outstanding designs match lighting bolts, numbers, anchors, or coordinates of a particular place you both love. 

29. Trio Best Friend Tattoos

For trio friendships looking for a unique tattoo design, you can use the number three as a reference for your matching tattoo. Your motif should let people know about your close pals, so choose your designs carefully. One popular option is three trees designed according to your height or age. Trees represent wisdom, growth, protection, and stability. These qualities best describe friendships that stand the test of time. You can also choose famous trios from popular culture, such as the Powerpuff Girls.

30. Memorial Best Friend Tattoo

One of the hardest things that can happen to anyone is losing a loved on, such as a best friend. Pay tribute to the special bond you shared together by getting a memorial tattoo. These tattoo designs are very personal and hold deep meaning. It can be something simple like initials or a birthday, or something grand and intricate, like a complete sleeve tattoo. A popular motif for these kinds of tattoos is floral blooms that your best friend loves or a rose, for instance. The rose represents immortal and eternal love that transcends death. 


What Tattoos Represent Best Friends?

One of the most popular tattoos for best friends is matching heart tattoos. After all, the heart is the universal symbol of love – and it’s just not for couples! Getting a heart tattoo can show that you hold your best friend close to your heart. Heart tattoos are versatile, so you can customize them to match your and your bestie’s style. 

Is Getting a Tattoo With Your Best Friend a Good Idea?

If you and your best friend trust each other with your lives, why not immortalize your bond with body art? Generally, if you and your friend are open to tattoos, getting a tattoo with your best friend is a fantastic idea. 

What Symbols Represent Friendship?

There are several symbols often associated with friendship. Among the most popular ones are the heart, the infinity sign, and two crossed arrows. Although these symbols are great examples, it’s best to be unique. So if you want a tattoo that shows your friendship with your best friend, it should represent your bond. 

Does Getting Matching Tattoos With Your Best Friend Bring Bad Luck?

It’s not bad luck to get a matching tattoo with your bestie. However, it’s better to consider some things before getting them. You both need to be 100% sure that you’re keen on getting a matching tattoo. After all, tattoos are forever.