Biden To Receive @POTUS Twitter Account On January 20

Joe Biden
Joe Biden

Social media platform Twitter announced Friday that President-elect Joe Biden will receive the @POTUS Twitter handle on his inauguration day. 

The Hill reported that the tech giant is “actively preparing to support the transition of White House institutional Twitter accounts on January 20th, 2021,” which also includes @whitehouse, @VP, @FLOTUS, and a number of other official accounts. 

The process is being done in consultation with the National Archives and Records Administration.

Twitter also noted that they will send a team to meet with representatives from the Biden-Harris transition team to review how the new administration plans to use its government-related accounts. 

The @POTUS account currently has more than 32 million followers and will provide Biden with another way to communicate with the public while in office. 

More importantly, Twitter noted that the tweets posted during the Trump administration will be archived, and the account will be reset to zero on January 20. 

President Donald Trump, on the other hand, will face harsher scrutiny from Twitter when he leaves office and loses protections the platform grants to world leaders.

The social media company announced earlier that Trump will lose his Twitter ‘privileges’ and will be subjected to the same Twitter rules like any other user starting January 20, 2021.

Twitter placed “public interest” notices on several rule-breaking tweets from “world leaders” that would otherwise be removed. Such tweets from political figures are instead hidden by a warning and Twitter takes action to restrict their reach. 

The company notes that this treatment does not apply to former officeholders.