Billy Vaughn Net Worth

Billy Vaughn Net Worth: $10 Million

Billy Vaughn was an American singer, musician, orchestra leader, and record executive. He had a net worth of $10 million at the time of his death in 1991. Vaughn was known for many singles including “Melody of Love”.

Born in Glasgow, Kentucky in April 1919, Vaughn released his debut studio album Melodies in Gold in 1952. He went on to release several over the years including Sail Along, Silv’ry Moon in 1960 which reached #5 in the United States and Theme from a Summer Place which reached #1. His single “Melody of Love” reached #2 in the US and his single “The Shifting, Whispering Sands” (Part 1) reached #5.

Aside from his music career, Vaughn worked as an A&R man for Dot Records. He served in the United States National Guard but was declared too valuable to go to war. He formed the vocal trio the Hilltoppers before joining Dot Records. Vaughn had 42 singles on the Billboard charts and 36 albums on the Billboard 200.

Billy Vaughn passed away on September 26, 1991, at 72 years old. Unfortunately, his material was destroyed in the 2008 Universal fire.

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