30 Brilliant Bird Tattoos For Men

There is a wide range of bird tattoos, and these are different from one another in terms of genre, location, type of bird and subject matter. There is a fascination with birds, especially when these are in flight, or even in their natural habitat. In some cultures or styles, bird-related objects are also popular tattoo subjects. Although these are not birds, bird of paradise tattoos, bird cages and others are very popular to specific styles or eras.

1. Traditional Bird Tattoo

When it comes to tattoo design, there is a wide range of techniques and styles that you can explore. It can be simple and minimalistic or bold and detailed. If you like the more traditional design, you can find artists that can create amazingly detailed bird tattoos for you. Traditional bird tattoos were once popular with sailors. They have swallows that show off their experience onboard.

2. Feather with Birds Tattoo

Feathers are an essential part of birds that helps them fly. Feathers, like birds, are associated with flight, travel, and freedom. These two elements often go well in body art. They hold deep meanings with which men can easily relate. However, different birds and feathers may also have other representations according to cultures. For instance, the Native American people link feathers with otherworldly creatures like spirits and souls.

3. Bird Cage Tattoo

Some people choose tattoo designs based on how they feel. A birdcage tattoo may represent the wearer’s frustration and the feeling of being trapped because of their toxic work or relationship. It is a powerful image that men can easily relate to. On the other hand, a bird escaping from a cage gives off a positive meaning. It makes for an inspiring design to have a birdcage tattoo to represent what they are going through.

4. Bird Silhouette Tattoo

Bird tattoos are trendy because they remind people of their dreams of being accessible and taking flight. There are various designs for bird ink, and the more straightforward options include the bird silhouette tattoo. It is the perfect design for men who are open to interpretation and are opposed to more complicated procedures. It has a general meaning, but it is often linked with immortality and spirituality. It can be a great statement piece, so choose a prominent spot.

5. Red Bird Tattoo

In general, birds represent spirituality and freedom. But men who wish for a bold and stunning design can opt for a red bird tattoo. Redbirds are often referred to as the cardinals, a winged creature that is stunningly bright and bold. Its colors are truly mesmerizing, but its meaning draws people even closer to it. These birds are associated with youthfulness, energy, and happiness. If you want to stand out from the rest, choose this type of tattoo design.

6. Flying Bird Tattoo

One of the things that make bird tattoos extra popular is that it showcases an ability humans crave for – the ability to fly. Flight and birds are associated with freedom, autonomy, and optimism. A flying bird tattoo will remind men that they are free from restrictions and they can live the life they want. Likewise, flying birds also represent the balance between heaven and earth or the need to travel and explore. Place this ink design should in visible spots to remind you often of its meanings.

7. Small Bird Tattoo

Small tattoos might not be as intricate or detailed as the larger ones, but they are as meaningful and beautiful. With a tiny bird tattoo, you can easily catch other people’s attention and make a statement. Because of its small size, you have the liberty to place it anywhere you like – whether it’s on the chest, finger, wrist, or arm. They are more discrete, but they are as appealing as any other piece of body art.

8. Bird and Skull Tattoo

Bird tattoos represent positive things such as survival, travel, freedom, or happiness. But some people seek out deeper meanings and representations. A bird and skull tattoo is an excellent reminder of our brief time on earth and how fleeting our existence is. This design is associated with the thin line between living and dead, but it is not dark or depressing. Men who are brave enough to confront death may find this design an appealing choice.

9. Watercolor Bird Tattoo

The watercolor tattoo technique is one of the most colorful designs that you will see today. More daring men will love the splash of hues that comes with their watercolor bird tattoo. It is an excellent diversion from the more straightforward, classic, and solid-colored ink style. This technique creates a painted artwork on your skin, with expertly blended colors and a vibrant finish.

10. Simple Bird Tattoo

Simpler things are often better for many people. Thus, simple bird tattoos are also popular choices among men. Despite the minimalistic and usually solid black color tattoo design, these still hold so much meaning. It is uncomplicated and often effortlessly cool to see. It is the lack of details or colors that make this tattoo design uniquely beautiful. Men who are laid-back and want a classic piece will love how simple bird tattoo designs reflect their personality.

11. Three Little Birds Tattoo

This tattoo design is inspired by the lyrics of Bob Marly’s song, and it will automatically remind you of all things bright and cheerful. It is important to forget your worries from time to time, and the three tiny birds tattoo will be an important reminder of this statement. Ideally, you can place it in a conspicuous spot you can often see, like the wrist, hand, or forearm.

12. A Flock of Bird Tattoo

A flock of bird tattoos is a beautiful representation of freedom and family. The design can be beautiful as it creates impressive art on your skin. The meaning of this tattoo can differ from one person to another, but it often refers to families and their strong bond.

13. Bird and Flower Tattoo

There are many variations in bird tattoos. You can find simple, colorful, detailed, and intricate pieces. Whichever design you choose, the meaning still holds. Some people also include other elements with their bird tattoo. The most popular among men are having blooms and flowers with it. Depending on the type of flower, the overall meaning of the tattoo can change. For instance, the lily depicts renewal and purity. White roses are associated with passion and love.

14. Dove Tattoo

After something that would represent love, innocence, and peace, look no further – all you need is a dove tattoo. Doves are symbols of peace and new beginnings. They are known worldwide for incredible stories from the bible. Men who have suffered and overcame hardships in life will find inspiration in having this tattoo. It gives the idea of starting life over and having a clean slate after going through tough times.

15. Owl Tattoo

For men who value knowledge and wisdom, getting an owl tattoo is the perfect choice for your next inking. Owls are associated with magic, mystery, transition, and more in many cultures. The Native American people consider owls to be guardians of the spirit world. An owl tattoo design works well on its own or combined with other precious elements to create a more intricate piece.

16. Swallow Birds Tattoo

There used to be a time when swallow bird tattoos rendered in traditional tattoo design were very popular with sailors. It is one of the ways they showcase their experience and skills while onboard. One swallow tattoo in a sailor means that they have traveled 5,000 nautical miles. But these days, you no longer need to be a sailor to have this kind of tattoo. Swallow birds are also associated with prosperous voyages and homecoming.

17. Phoenix Bird Tattoo

The phoenix is one of the most potent symbols of renewal and rebirth. This mythical bird is believed to arise from its ashes, and this idea is very appealing for a bird tattoo design. Men will love having a phoenix bird tattoo, especially if they experienced hardships and came out victorious after it. The design is a bold and vivid reminder of resilience and power. This tattoo design is best placed on spots that are visible for that bold statement it makes.

18. Quetzal Bird Tattoo

Native to Central America, the Quetzal is considered one of the most beautiful birds in the world. Choosing this species for your next inking is perfect if you are after a tattoo that stands out. Large and colorful rendering would work well with bird tattoos. It symbolizes liberty because these bird species will never survive in captivity. The Quetzal bird is the national bird of Guatemala, and its resplendence is an excellent bird tattoo design for men and women.

19. Eagle Tattoo

Eagle tattoos are trendy design choices for men because of their meanings and representation. It is linked with strength, wisdom, and power. It is even used as the emblem of the United States for its association with patriotism. The eagle’s feathers are also prized as they are used in ceremonies and rituals of the Native American people. It is a very masculine tattoo design. Thus it is perfect for inking on the arm, hand, chest, or back.

20. Rooster Bird Tattoo

Men who believe in the power of new beginnings will love the rooster bird tattoo. These birds symbolize leadership, defiance, and masculinity. In some cultures, it is said to protect against evil spirits. This tattoo design is an excellent option if you want people to see how you successfully achieve success after a difficult situation.

21. Crane Bird Tattoo

If you’d like to have a tattoo that will look well rendered on the leg, the crane bird tattoo is a great option. This auspicious bird has various meanings in the Far East. It is the bird of peace, happiness, and the heavenly crane. It also symbolizes peace, grace, wisdom, and love of life.

22. Robin Bird Tattoo

The robin represents optimism and happiness. They may be small creatures, but they have that pretty look and sweet song that can easily make you smile. Robins are dedicated parents. Thus they are perfect designs for men who value family ties the most.

23. JayBird Tattoo

If you want a stunning bird tattoo design with powerful symbolism, the blue jay bird is an excellent choice to make. It represents incredible fortune, luck, and happiness. Jaybirds are known to protect their young. Thus, it is the perfect tribute for people who love their families. This design looks best in full color, with details and intricate ink.

24. Love Birds Tattoo

Love birds are beautiful creatures, and anybody would love them at first sight. It’s no wonder many people also love the idea of having them as elements in body art. These bird species are colorful. Thus, the tattoo design should also have the same bright and bold hues. Apart from their visually eye-catching looks, a love bird tattoo also carries a romantic meaning. A man who wears this tattoo may wish to honor his love and affection for their lifelong partners.

25. Couple Parrot Tattoo

A couple of parrot tattoo is considered romantic birds, and they are ideal for couples looking for couple tattoos for their next inking. However, these birds are best tattooed together instead of two birds in separate bodies. Parrots are also colorful. Thus they would make a bold and vivid statement.

26. Peacock Bird Tattoo

Considered the king of birds in various civilizations, the peacock remains one of the most popular bird tattoo options for men. It is a colorful and mysterious bird with a wide range of representations and is often associated with positivity, optimism, hope, and belief. You can have the whole bird tattoo or its feathers for unique body art.

27. Dandelion Tattoo

Dandelions are flowers, but creatively inked, the spores can be replaced with tiny birds floating away. This design is impressive, and overall, it represents new beginnings. Having this type of tattoo will remind men to move forward and forget the past. And to be able to appreciate it daily, opt for an obvious placement so that you can look at it whenever you feel the need for inspiration.

28. Origami Bird Tattoo

There is a belief that if you make a thousand origami cranes, your wish will come true. Whether true or not, origami bird or crane tattoo is distinctive in its precision. The simple folded paper image provides plenty of vistas for inking. There are tattoos depicting complex geometric shapes printed on the paper that the origami is made of. There are also some tattoos with a whole flock of folded paper birds. You might want to consider the origami crane for your next tattoo, even if your wish does not come true.

29. Angry Bird Tattoo

The mobile game turned movie hit Angry Birds was one of the most popular animated characters that involved birds and pigs. If you want something fun and unique, you can reimagine these in their natural form and have them tattooed on your next inking session.

30. Birds of Paradise Tattoo

This tropical flower depicts images of exotic birds based on its name. If you look at it, the strelitzia does look like colorful birds in a branch. It is hard to miss these colors when you visit countries in Asia because they are trendy plants. They also inspire vibrant tattoo designs. Its meaning varies from beauty, fertility and a way to honor a loved one who passed away.


What bird tattoo has deep meanings?

The owl is a bird tattoo with a wide range of meanings. Conventionally, the owl is regarded as a symbol for intelligence. It also happens to be a bird of prey that silently hunts during the night. In addition, ancient beliefs associate the owl with death. An owl tattoo can be mystifying because of these symbolisms.

What does three birds tattoo mean?

The three little birds is more commonly drawn as three flying birds. It is a positive symbol of flight and freedom. It a powerful image that signifies empowerment without the encumbrance of gravity. This gives the image a light-hearted nature without any worries and concerns for the troubles of the world.

What does the dandelion with birds mean?

The dandelion is associated with Hecate, an oracle of ancient Greece. The dandelion tattoo carries on with the fate or the realization of a person’s destiny. It can also signify the fulfillment of a person’s wishes.

What do flying birds tattoos signify?

Birds are common tattoo themes because of the magic of flight. Taking flight implies being free at the same time, it is an act where a bird soars, to the skies and serves as a link between the sky and the earth. Tattoos of birds flying symbolize freedom of the body and the mind, from earth and the reality of existence. It can also symbolize the freedom to roam, travel and explore.