Mom Is Embarrassed That She Found Blake Shelton’s Name On 40-Year-Old Textbook Her Daughter Is Using

Imagine opening up a school textbook and seeing that a famous celebrity once used it.


That’s exactly what happened to first-grader Marley Parker when she found Blake Shelton’s name on a textbook issued to her at her Oklahoma school. Marley was ecstatic that she shared the book with one of the most celebrated country music artists in the nation who used to live in the same town as her. But her mother wasn’t so pleased with it.

The year written on the book when Blake Shelton had it was 1982, which means that the book has been in circulation for at least 36 years.


Marley’s mom, Shelly, took to Facebook to express how she felt about such an old book still being used in Oklahoma schools.

Marley is EXCITED that her “new” reader belonged to Blake Shelton, but I am EMBARRASSED!!!! I’m 40 and these people are…

Posted by Shelly Bryan Parker on Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Several commenters didn’t quite agree with her on the issue.

But many others also agreed that something should be done about such an old book being used by children of this generation.

Many old books are still being used in Oklahoma schools and are outdated or unusable. Oklahoma teachers are taking to the streets to fight to improve school funding and increase teachers’ salaries. Parents like Shelly are also taking a stand to get a better education for their kids in Oklahoma.