100 Things Every Book Lover Can Relate To

1. You always have a book on you, just in case.

2. You can’t resist picking up a book when you see one.

3. You’re always excited to find new books to read.

4. You feel really proud when you finish a book.

5. The thought of not being able to read makes you sad.

6. You know the feeling of reading a great book and not wanting it to end.

7. You’ve been known to cry while reading a book.

8. You feel a sense of accomplishment when you finish a book.

9. You always have something to talk about with a good book.

10. You sometimes don’t feel like a proper adult until you’ve read at least one classic novel.

11. When you hear the word “cliffhanger”, all you think of is scary movies, not books.

12. The inside of libraries always intrigues you because there’s so many books to choose from.

13. You always feel a sense of happiness when you’re reading a book.

14. You love the smell of books and can’t resist taking a whiff.

15. You get annoyed when people try to tell you what to read or how to read it.

16. The covers of books are always so pretty that you can’t resist taking pictures of them.

17. You feel really sad when you finish a book and have to say goodbye to the characters.

18. You always feel like you’re missing out on something when you’re not reading a book.

19. You know the importance of taking breaks while reading, but you usually don’t listen to yourself.

20. You judge someone by the type of books they read.

21. You’ve ever recommended a book to someone and they ended up hating it.

22. You own more books than you’ll ever have time to read.

23. You sometimes wish you were a character in a book so you could experience all of the wonderful things they do.

24. You have more books on your To-Read list than you’ll ever be able to read.

25. You know that there’s no such thing as having “one favorite book”.

26. You’re always looking for recommendations on what to read next.

27. You’ve ever stayed up all night reading because you wanted to know what would happen next.

28. You get upset when someone spoils a book for you, even if it was years ago and you haven’t read it yet.

29. When someone asks if they can borrow a book, you’re always scared they’ll ruin it somehow.

30. You know that when someone says they don’t like to read, it’s just because they haven’t found the right book yet.

31. The books you buy rarely go unread.

32. You’ve ever felt like you’ve lost a friend when you finished reading a book.

33. You’re easily influenced by the covers of books and judge them before reading their summaries.

34. You know that your TBR list will always be much larger than what you’ll actually read, but it’s okay because there are so many great books out there.

35. You’ve ever told someone you’re reading a book and then get mad when they say that they’ve never heard of it.

36. You know that life would be incomplete if you couldn’t read or write.

37. You have no problem putting off homework/chores/responsibilities to read instead.

38. You always feel a sense of relaxation when you’re reading.

39. You get excited every time you see a bookstore or library.

40. You know that books can take you to different worlds and you love that about them.

41. You’ve ever been so into a book that you’ve forgotten where you were and what you were doing.

42. You sometimes wish that your favorite book was adapted into a movie so more people could enjoy it as much as you do.

43. You know that reading is one of the best ways to spend your free time, even if you also love other activities like watching TV or playing video games.

44. You know that no matter how many books you own, you’ll always want to collect more.

45. Some of your closest friends are people you’ve bonded over books with.

46. You judge someone who doesn’t read by the covers of their favorite books rather than what’s inside them.

47. You can never decide on just one book so you usually end up reading more than one at the same time.

48. You’re excited to go to sleep because of all the dreams that will let you visit different places and worlds.

49. You sometimes read a sentence over ten times, but still don’t understand what’s going on.

50. You never leave the house without a book because you always want to have something to read.

51. When you’re reading a sad scene, you often have to put down your book and take a break before continuing.

52. It takes you forever to finish some books, not because they’re bad but because you never want them to end.

54. You know that when life gets really busy, reading is one of the best things you can do to relax.

55. You love discussing books with other people and hearing their opinions about them.

56. You’ve ever teared up or been emotional while reading a book.

57. You know that there are no wrong answers when it comes to books and everyone has different opinions about them.

58. You’re always asking yourself, “What will happen next?”, “What did they just do?”, etc. when reading.

60. Sometimes you can’t help but picture your favorite characters as your friends in real life.

61. Sometimes falling in love with or developing a crush for fictional characters.

62. Not knowing what to do with your life when an author takes too long to publish their next book while mid-series.

63. People assuming you’re anti-social because you’re always reading.

64. Not noticing how much time has passed because you’ve been reading.

65. When a book you absolutely love gets a bad review.

66. Pressing a book against your chest after finishing it because the entire story was just too perfect.

67. Immediately being disinterested in someone who says they don’t read.

68. Knowing that reading a book in public is basically a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign.

69. Not making plans for the weekend for the sole purpose of finishing a book.

70. Having too many books and not enough shelves.

71. Making a list of books to read and then never being able to stick to it.

72. Feeling like you’re cheating on a book when you read the summary or spoilers.

73. Accidentally buying two copies of the same book.

74. Losing sleep because you stayed up reading too late.

75. Never having time to read because you’re always reading.

76. Spending hours looking for the perfect book while forgetting what you were originally looking for.

77. Knowing that reading will never be a waste of time even if sometimes it feels like it is when things get busy.

78. Being embarrassed about the amount of books you own and how many you’ve read.

79. Being very picky about book covers because if they’re not aesthetically pleasing, it will deter you from buying it.

80. Dreading the moment when your favorite series ends because no other books will ever be as good… for a while at least.

81. You’ve made it to the last page but refuse to read the last few sentences in fear of ruining it all.

82. Your friends know they don’t have to say anything when you can’t stop laughing because of what happened in a book.

83. The most important part of your day is reading time with a cup of tea (or coffee or hot chocolate).

84. You always go back to the beginning when you revisit your favorite books.

85. You feel like it’s impossible to not say anything when someone tells you they don’t read.

86. There are books you refuse to read because you know they’ll be too emotional.

87. You have more than one favorite book and you’re not afraid to admit it.

88. When someone recommends a book to you, you take their word for it and add it to your list.

89. You have different ways of reading, some where you read every word and some where you just skim through the pages.

90. You know the feeling of finally finishing a book and then not knowing what to do with yourself.

91. The only thing that can really stop you from reading is the end of your favorite series.

92. You can’t help but feel like you’re an outsider because other people don’t read as much as you do.

93. Your friends have learned to not bother asking what book you are currently reading unless they are also readers themselves.

94. You’ve judged people by the books they read and haven’t been afraid to admit it.

95. Going on book buying sprees and feeling no remorse.

96. The smell of a freshly printed book is one of the best smells in the world.

97. You have shelves dedicated to different genres of books and you know exactly where everything is.

98. You’ve recommended books to people and then they’ve gone out and bought the physical copy.

99. You get upset when people finish a book before you do.

100. You know that there is no other hobby quite like reading.

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