This 11-Year-Old Girl Was Denied A Horse By Her Parents. So She Trained Her COW Instead.

When Hannah Simpson was 11 years old, all she wanted was her very own horse to train, ride, and love. But Hannah’s parents couldn’t afford a pricey pony.

So Hannah came up with her own solution — she trained up one of the cows on her family’s dairy farm to ride instead!


Hannah’s brother dared her to try and ride Lilac one day and, against all the odds, Hannah managed it. Although Lilac has bucked Hannah off a few times, the two have become firm friends.

For the last 7 years, Hannah has ridden heifer Lilac through the meadows of her hometown, Invercargill, in New Zealand. Lilac can jump a whopping 4.5 feet, although she enjoys swimming and long walks, too.

You can watch the full video of this astonishing duo below.

While we admire Hannah’s determination, we seriously don’t recommend anyone starts trying to ride cows…

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