12 Genius Bra Hacks Every Woman Needs To Know

#1. Use a paper clip for that racerback.

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#2. Store your bras in a cup case when traveling so it won’t get crushed.

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#3. To wear a backless dress without worrying about your boobs, try sewing a cheap bra into it.

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#4. For less cleavage, a clip-on camisole will do the trick.

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#5. Hang your bras on a hanger to save space.

#6. Spin dry your bras.

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#7. Hand-wash your sports bra after you workout to make them last longer.

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#8. Attach hangers together for better display and access.

#9. For low-backed dresses, use a converter.

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#10. Cushioned bra straps are the answer to bra straps that dig into your shoulders.

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#11. Purses are out, and this secret bra money stash is in.

#12. To keep your bra in good shape, use a plastic ball to contain them in the washing machine.

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